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Friday, October 7, 2011

KHR: Instrumental download + #356 review + T-shirt design + seiyuu's pics @ Rebocon 5 + super long ramblings

aye~ i'm late again... in my previous post i said i found something awesome~ yeah, it took me some time to upload things XD~ blame the slow connection... and since by the time i finish uploading, the new manga chapter is out... i took some time again to type my review~ XD~ and then~~~~ i found another thing i wanna blog about~ XD~ bear with this crazy self-proclaimed #1 fan of KHR~~~ XD~

aa~ first thing's first~~~ i was poking around Nico Nico Douga (and i finally found out the way to post comments to the NND videos OAO!) and for some unknown reason, i searched for Tatta Latta XD~ and i found this awesome NND user: 胡桃割りゴクデラ who uploaded the instrumental or off-vocals in the newest CharaSong album~~~~ *hears some drastic drop in mood in some people* OAO~ well, it's awesome for me~ i can no sing with the karaoke tracks~ XD~~~~

Koushiki CharaSong Dai Zenshu・Ultimate CD Box
(Official Character Song Complete Works・Ultimate CD Box)

Disc 7: (karaoke/instrumental tracks) - Vongola Family

01. RIGHT NOW [Sawada Tsunayoshi & Basil] [download]
02. YELL [Gokudera Hayato] [download]
03. Ame no Message [Yamamoto Takeshi] [download]
04. Destiny [Reborn] [download]
05. Mata Ashita [Sasagawa Ryohei] [download]
06. Tatta Latta [Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin] [download]
07. Be more [Dino] [download]
08. Akashi [Hibari Kyoya] [download]
09. End:Res [Rokudo Mukuro] [download]
10. Sore ga Koi no Okite na no [Sasagawa Kyoko・Miura Haru・I-Pin]
11. Namimori Chuugakko Uta [Namimori Chuu Fuuki Iinchou]
12. Famiglia ~Yakusoku no Basho~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]
13. Famiglia ~vs Millefiore~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]
14. Mirai no Oozora e [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]

Disc 7: (karaoke/instrumental tracks) - Varia & Millefiore

01. IL SOLE [Lussuria]
02. Raigeki no Levi [Levi a Than]
03. Arashi no Ouji [Belphegor]
04. Requiem no Ame [S. Squalo]
05. Maboroshi no Arcobaleno [Mammon]
06. Hokori Takaki Ikari [XANXUS]
07. FLAMING RAGE [XANXUS] [download]
08. BREAK OUT [S. Squalo] [download]
09. bloody prince [Belphegor (chorus: Lussuria)] [download]
10. Special illusion [Fran] [download]
11. PARADE [Byakuran] [download]
12. SIMULATION [Irie Shouichi & Byakuran] [download]
13. Kyouki no Hana [Kikyo] [download]

why only part of it is uploaded...? i can't answer to that... cause i'm also asking the same question :( perhaps the NND user would upload them later~ i shall continue stalking him or her there and update here as soon as possible hohohoho~~~ oh oh... and ya... some of the tracks have their ending cut off somewhat abruptly... good thing those are not the parts with vocals... o.o


Target #356: The Rules of the Battle of Representatives

read KHR Target #356: The Rules of the Battle of Representatives at Manga Stream

Page 1:
okay... Lussu looks unusually cool there... OAO! omg, kill me... somebody.... i'm being weird!!! OAO!!!

Page 2:

Page 3:
argh, the messengers name is Tsunomichi... for some reason... my head is filled with food when i see him... and his name... o.o

Page 4:
umu! the writings scribblings are pretty cool! nuuu! why... why must you have such a comical face... OAO! cause if you have a cooler face, you will remind me of Scar from HagaRen~~~ x3~~~

Page 5:
*jaws hanging* what the heck... the handing over of the box to each Arcobaleno seriously reminds me of Liar Game... @_@ this feels like the briefing session... hah.... it's been a while since i read Liar Game, i wonder how much have i not read... of is it on hiatus OAO? anyways~ i was guessing like mad about the contents of the box... another cool equipment or weapon??? something like Vongola Gear maybe? OwO~

Page 6:
che.... watch... =3= GYAH! so just limited to 7 representatives per Arcobaleno for this battle OAO~ argh! no!!! eh... wait... o.o (cont. after the review)

Page 7:
OAO! omg! looks like there will be a wild battle coming up~~~ i seriously hope that it won't end up like Shimon... they end up only to battle against the super disgusting Spade! i hate him OAO!

Page 8:
aiya, Tsuna, no need fight also can... you see... there's another way to it~~~ see, you can make a deal with your opponent to 'battle' in the form of betting, like playing a card game or something with the watches as bets X3 gyah, i wouldn't want that! NOT A BIT!!! OAO! LOL! Squalo ggot irritated and took over Reborn's place to nag Tsuna! XD~~~ Tsuna... Tsuna... XD

Page 9:
Grrr.... Amano Akira-san is making us wonder again!!! what nostalgic present? umuu!!! OAO! and LOL, Levi! you genius! thank god you asked that question! i mean, it can be like our super cool Vongola Gears too OwO~

Page 10:
ugu... i feel insulted... it's decided... i hate Tsunomichi... omg... the watches and all seriously remind me of Liar Game the Pendemic Game where they 'infect' and 'cure' each other with a 'virus' GYAH!!! *scratches head violently*

Page 11:
OAO! Battle Royale! omg! now Tsunomichi reminds me of that pervert guy from Battle Royale *barf* gyah... i still haven't read Battle Royale yet ~_~ anyways, i'd like to be like Tsuna for a sec... Battle Royale? are you referring to that manga series??? o.o

Page 12:
omg, i didn't know... pardon me... ~_~ LOL~ Tsuna~ feel the fear of Battle Royale~~~ LOL talking about alliances *smirk* Varia~ since you guys are all here noaw, you should really team up *nods nods* UGH! now that i think of it... What in the world had happened to our dear apple Fran... OAO! Who did he choose?!

Page 13:
I'm amazed Tsunomichi went out through the door... XD~ ugu... i knew it... cause there's Xanxus =3= anyways, you should really think for your dear Mammon's sake... it's better to have one less oponent right? OAO...

Page 14:

OMG!!! i didn't see that extreme reaction even from Xanxus omg omg... *calls for Xanxus eyeballs to re-turn back to the front* you look so uncool without your iris =3= omg.... Xanxus infected Tsuna and Dino~ XD~

lol, joking~ XD~ but didn't Tsuna and Dino see that coming? X'D~

Page 15:
GYAH!!! FON?!!!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! YOU FOUND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE (cont after the review or else, it'll be too long =3=) umu~ Iemitsu's kinda cool nee? i really wish to see him battle it out with his son... and imagine... in the midst of the battle, Nana appeared *dances* oh the drama~

Page 16:
Fuhaa.... there's gonna be training?? *daydreams* omg... Lal training Colonnello *drools* GYAH!!! i demand for more Lal X Colo!!!!! XD~ SKULL! lol! Enma! i don't think Enma understands the situation at all XD~ i really wonder how they are going to ask Adel...

Page 17:

omo! Verde and Mukuro were having a drink together weren't they? see see~ the drink!!! and and! they are saying the same thing while they are 'acting cool' LOL~ Mukuro with his usual Lelouch-like pose


LOL! again?!

omg! they are freaked out!!! even Ken... LOL! seriously! i totally didn't expect that! XD~

Page 18:

aww~~~ our dear Gamma is jealous~~~ x3~~~

well, Tsuna, that's one hell of a expression XD~ i've got a good feeling about this~~ x3~~ XD


okay~ i shall now proudly carry on with my ramblings... lol~ nee~ you know~ since there will only be 7 representatives each... it will cause a big twist in plot!

you see, you see... okay now.. Dino, Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera are the ones that were confirmed to be Reborn's representatives.... so if assuming if Reborn is going to recruit the rest of Tsuna's guardians, it'll be 8 people already!!! so that means, there's a huge chance that one of the guardian might not be participating! OAO! okay okay, our pineapple fairy Mukuro has switched sides to Verde... which means Chrome might be taking over the role of the mist guardian like how she always do... that means... either it's Ryohei, Lambo and Hibari...

but! BUT! yeesh, there's a but~~~ there might be a big chance that Fon might have teamed up with Hibari!!! you know why...? it's because there's Hibari look-alike disease in KHR cause Fon has always been jumping roof to roof throughout this arc... and Hibari is ALWAYS sleeping on the Namimori Chuu's rooftop... so there is a big chance that this happened...:
so Fon was jumping from roof to roof day and night, with his head trying to think of someone whom he could ask to be his representative... and suddenly... he landed on something.... that is Hibari's eyes! Hibari was sleeping on the school's rooftop and was now very angry to be disturbed. Hibari took out his tonfas only to stare awkwardly at his look-alike, just that the look-alike was a baby... "I've seen you before..." said Hibari. "Indeed..." Fon answered him and a loud wind whirled... silence... and somehow, Fon managed to get Hibari to collaborate with him as his representative in the battle and the reason was simple: he get to defeat Reborn. It was then, I-pin appeared out of no where and decided to join them

that make a lot of sense *nod nod* *shot by a reader* *reborn-ed!* ahem~ that might happen~ and there you have it~ Reborn's complete with 7 representatives but Fon has got only two... :( perhaps Hibari would recruit the people from his Disciplinary Committee~

Verde on the other hand, have Mukuro, MM, Ken and Chikusa... OAO that's only four!!! that makes 3 empty slots! perhaps, after everything, Birds, Jiji and DeeDee might appear again OAO! o, what the heck... those 3 are hideous... umu umu! i can't think of anyone... and NO! i don't want Fran to join Mukuro!!! OAO! cause he belongs to Varia!!! X3

i mean, there's a big big possibility that Fran is joining Varia after all~ you see, there's only six of them, after Gola Moska was obliterated *laughs* omg... anyways... Amano Akira-san did not have any intention to fill in with another Cloud Guardian for Varia... why? it's all because Amano Akira-san is saving it for Fran~ see~ the spot is left empty even in future arc~~~~ and gosh! did you realize there's more and more Bel X Mammon moments??? Mammon is ALWAYS found together with Bel~~~ x3~ and and, in the Future arc, Fran DID mentioned that he was made to wear the frog hat when he filled in Mammon's spot right? x3~ i guess, that's Bel's doing isn't it~ X3~~~ there are moments of Bel X Fran, BUT! to me, it's all because Bel sees Fran as Mammon~ besides, there's no point for two seme-like characters to stick together.... ... ... omg, what am i saying X_X~ *shot*

nee nee~ and there's Skull, it's pretty obvious he will be recruiting the whole Shimon Family, though it might be an ultra extremely hard task XD and there's... ugh... who else? ummm, a! Colonnello~~~ x3~~ so he has Iemitsu, Oregano, Basil and Lal... OAO! he's got only four... perhaps Turmeric is goin to make his appearance~ uuu uu! and Lancia? now that i think of it... where the heck is Lancia??? ugh, i can't think of anyone else OAO since there were not much of CEDEF that was shown before this X_X

and finally, Uni-chan~ she has got the Real Six Funeral Wreaths + Gamma~ so i guess it'll be like that, with Nozaru and Tazaru ignored~ XD~ oh! oh! and what will happen to Irie??? OAO? ohya, talking about Irie, perhaps Giannini will help CEDEF out? OAO! and and SPANNER!!~~~ WHERE ISH SPANNER?!!!!!~~~

but of course, for Fon, that is, there is still one more possibility... He might be recruiting the Tomaso Family... the Longchamp's Family~~~ i think it's about time Amano Akira-san give some spotlight to him... he was in the manga's plot for a while there... don't you think he deserve more?? i know he's as useless as Tsuna, and maybe even worse... but since our dear Tsuna could become so cool in Hyper Mode... perhaps the Tomasa Family too had come up with a special bullet that will turn Longchamp into Hyper Mode and become a super cool opponent for Tsuna~ XD o what the heck, we just need to wait for the new chappie, LOL~


ohya, some may notice the final page for Chapter 355 or 354, i forgot... at Mangastream (i don't know about others, that is if there are others... o.o) there's a pic of Tsuna, Reborn and the Primo Family?~ aye~ that was the Reborn! T-shirt Vol.4 or something~ it's launched quite some time ago, but i didn't really look into it... ~_~ but i just went to Inoue Suguru's blog and he posted about it, and so i obediently went to that page and found that the T-shirt designs were pretty~~~

(images i rip directly from the site, i'm the successor of Jack the Ripper~ beware~ lol the words below the designs are the seiyuu's comments~ my Japanese sucks so much that i can barely understand what they are saying and i can't copy it to Google Translator DX so, i just feast my eyes on the designs)

Design 1: Vongola I (Giotto)

Design 2: G

Design 3: Asari Ugetsu

Design 4: Knuckle

Design 5: Alaude [it seems like it's supposed to be spelt as Alaudi... and it looks like a short form for Arab Saudi but don't you think Alaude looks cool? XD]

Design 6: Lampo

Design 7: D. Spade

Design 8: Sawada Tsunayoshi

Design 9: Gokudera Hayato

Design 10: Yamamoto Takeshi

Design 11: Hibari Kyoya

Design 12: Rokudo Mukuro

Design 13: Varia (but there's only Bel there... so i consider this as a Belphegor design OAO)

Design 14: Primo Family

those are pretty interesting designs eh? x3~ i like Lampo's design~ the back of it... with Lampo's eyes and wok... XD~~~ i like Asari Ugetsu's too~~~~ x3~~~ so damn cool~ and there's that super random and sole member of Varia meddling with this Primo business~ XD but it's pretty cool too~ with knives stabbing the back *stab stab stab* no, i don't really side Yamamoto when it comes to things like this~~ i'm very fair~ but if you were to let me choose only one, i'd choose Yamamoto's no matter what :X okay fine, i'm Yamamoto biased... :X but truth to be told, Mukuro's is pretty cool too, i especially love the back of it... Hibari's is a little girlish to me o.o... and and the coolest one, are Gokudera's and Primo Family's~~~~x3~ gah~ all in all, they are all nice~~~ x3~


nee~~ seeing all the main seiyuu for KHR are blogging about how well the Ultimate Rebocon went :( nuu! i really can't wait for the DVD to be out~~~ and for someone to upload it~~~ i use pics from Neeko's blogs~ cause they are so damn clear, compared to Kokubun's :(~

i ripped from this post @ Neeko's blog

muu muu~

looks fun =3= but i've got one favourite pic from Kokubun Yukari's blog

so damn funny! XD~ Inoue Suguru looks like a god! XD and and~ she did her nails like this:

damn cute!!!x3~ i seriously love the Natsu and Tsuna's mitten XD so damn cute!!!


homg... i can seriously be crowned a queen when it comes to ranting and posting a super long post... =.=' my posts just keep getting longer and longer X_X

i've finally posted at YTChorus Forums after joining it for quite some time already~ LOL i'm now ready to audition once there is one held~ x3~ i mean, i would LOVE to gain more views from there D:

oh yea, i'm no longer that depressed anymore~ cause these things i blogged about cheered me up~ and and~~~ i got straight A's for my SPM trials~~ yeah babeh 6A+ and 4A~ heck yeah! i was worried i might not score straight A's and it turns out that i didn't even get A-(although i've begged and begged from my Accounts and get 80%~ just nice for A, LOL) i ned to study more... my Accounts and Chemistry is at the border of an A-score... @_@ need to study harder... which also means less otaku-ing.. gyah! i might die... save me...

jaa mata~



Super like! <3 Especially the shirts, aagh! Where can I buy them!? >_<

And yeah, can't wait for the Rebocon 5 to come out! :D

Sarah Xd said...

ahhh, these picture are cool!! i wish i would have been there >_<
yeas this is a long entry...but still good :D
since i have no clue about school system of other country i don't really understand what you mean with getting an A (or 6A+)..is it good?
if so, then congrats to you :D

Ze said...

the Kokubun pics r from R-Blue right??!! and i love the shirts they r so cool ...
waiting for your updates about rebocon ^_^

-ying- said...

@BEAFSTAKES - Xd hmmm~ i don't quite know about that... but i think it can only be bought at the artifact store in Japan ~__~ somebody who actually knows about it... do tell us X_X

yeah TAT~~~ i wanna see Inoue Suguru!!! TAT~~~

@Sarah Xd - same same!~~ TAT~~
yeah... i didn't realize... i just typed and typed and it ended up so damn long o.o
i think it's different even aong the schools in Malaysia~ but its 80% and above for A and 90% and above for A+
8D *shot* but i'm happy with it~ thank you~~~x3~~

@Ze - omg! i actually just realised that *emo* but it's still cool~~ nya... i wish i live in Japan =3=

Usagichan96 said...

THOSE NAILS ARE AMAZING! it looks like they are having so much fun XD

-ying- said...

yeah!!! x3~~~ i wonder how they make it!!!! x3~~~

Unknown said...

IS THAT KENN?!?!?!?!
NO KENN <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

-ying- said...

actually... ~_~ i can't recognise who is KENN and Kazuki Kato... and Levi.... nee~~~ can anyone help me~~~? >_<~~~

Ze said...

hmmm Kato Kazuki is not on these pics

but KENN is the one who is wearing a hat above Inamura Yuuna & Neeko pic

and Nakano Yuta ( levi) is the one on the bus above Iida & Neeko pic ^^

-ying- said...


omg~~~~ KENN is so good-looking!!!!<3 (i didn't know how he actually look like ~w~ i'm a failure... OTL)

@@ Nakano-san does give off an aura that feels like Levi... sort of... =w=~~~

Ze said...

haha anytime ^^

yeah KENN is just so cool <3

and i cant imagine anyone else as levi

i just discovered that Kato Kazuki is the OP song "Easy Go"'s Singer =.="

-ying- said...

TAT~ sorry for the late reply!~ T_T

LOL! you know, i am extremely happy, cause basically, ALL the seiyuu are hot~ both male and female~ XD~ well, Takeuchi Junko-san is super cute~ =w=~~