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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ramblings + [download link??] Koushiki CharaSong Dai Zenshu・Ultimate CD Box


god! do you know how many times i tried loading blogger for the past few days... and now that it loads it actually took so damn long and the whole page look funny o.o~ cause not all the items and elements are loaded properly =.=~

i've became a god, i think... a god in breaking my promise and go back on my words... about posting the reviews... plus, i'm also a god in using up my internet quota, AGES before the billing date OTL

this time, once again, it's because i over downloaded songs... *grins* thanks to the Utaite aka the Nico Nico Douga Singers~ *glasses push* (not like i have one, and truth is, i'm just living in denial and refusing to get one although i am short-sighted) and that is only 50% of the quota, cause i was determined to download only up til 2GB which is the 50% of the internet quota and i can use the rest to watch a video or two and manga *q*

but things always don't go the way i planned, when one fine day, i decided to search for the download for that KHR CD Box using the Japanese text with rar behind~ goodness! i found a bunch of Chinese Forum/site (i have no idea) which provides full download link~~~


it looks something like that~ (cause it's not the site i download from but they link to the same place) the download link for the full 8 discs together with the scans *q* and it sums up to 1GB++ OTL i ignored everything and downloaded all of it (main reason is cause the older charasongs of KHR i have are ALL in super low quality, and for some reason, i've became a person who prefers 320kbps quality... nah, actually the reason is cause my sister bought me this laptop with a whole larger memory than the previous old one i had XD)

and the instrumentals!!!! omg!!! thank god! i thought ripping the instrumental at the Nico Nico Douga was my only choice~ i didn't expect someone to be so generous and upload the whole cd box~ *q*~~~ but too bad OTL i can't upload them... thanks to the internet quota~ no worries! soon! i shall move to Kuala Lumpur and live with my sis there~ (as a proud college student *shot*) and i shall leech on the high-speed internet she had just subscribed to~ x3~ it has limits but she said it's not easy to exceed the quota... hmmm, we'll just see about that~ cause she doesn't know she has a crazy bulk download monster as her younger sis~ wahahahahah!!!!

okay... this post is seriously pure rambling XD~ it's the best way to keep oneself sane (besides singing) at least, i keep myself sane with singing, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, mangas and blogging~ i've recently picked up Dengeki Daisy too~ ugh, why did i end up reading it before my exams? i spent quite sometime catching up till chapter 32 or so before my internet limitations eats in... TAT i hate it! cause Daisy is hot *shot again*

okay, i'm becoming more and more random... i can't see what i will do next myself... =3=~ you know, i blame SPM for that... i've been toiling day and night the past few days... 4 subjects, sayonara! 6 more to go! and the world now seems so much more beautiful as i need not take the subject: Bahasa Melayu for the whole of my life! EVER!!!!! *cries with tears of joy while running around a garden full of spring blossoms* i hate Bahasa Melayu....OTL i don't know how to answer the questions in SPM!!!! especially the one 'cepumas'... WTF?! i've never heard of that effing word before...

Sejarah, one of my nightmare is gone... i did a few mistakes in the multiple choice questions when i check... OTL a few more nightmares have yet to come: Accounts, Biology and Chemistry... OTL pray hard for me!!!!! i've prayed hard enough! and i even brought my stationery (or stationary? argh... too lazy to check ~_~) to the temple to bless it or something~ not sure of the real term! god~ please help this hardworking otaku in her exams!~

lol.. actually there's no real point in this post XD

ohya NOTE!!!!! if i have any comments (hopes to get a few x3) i shall reply it a little later when my internet goes back to normal... i can't do anything at all now that it's so damn slow... OTL

and perhaps i shall upload the cd box~... nah, i'll just upload the instrumentals XD~~~~ lol~ and it's a weird thing i retained the "・" in the cd box title isnt it? XD cause i think it's cute! and signs like "!", "~" and the capital letters must be retained!!!!!!! *shot*

okay... i am not studying right now cause i've got a 4-day break before the 5th paper... and i think i deserve some rest... no... i SHOULD be resting... or else smoke will emerge from my skull...

ugh... SPM till 5th December... and now... it's barely halfway through... why why why??? OTL

i think i'll do the review as soon as my internet allows me to... but then right... the joy of reviewing will lose it's magic when it's done later.... OTL this is because you already know what will happen next =3=~~~ but then i still think i'm a genius~ i did see Hibari in becoming Fon's representative (yes, i'm still bragging about that XD) i've missed a few chapters of KHR now, since i can't really visit any pages... OTL

but i am amazed with the length of this wordy post XD okay okay~ that's all~ jaja~~~ x3~

NOT YET!!!! cause i forgot... that site, that link i provided... has the download links... which leads to a chinese site... OTL... just to inform anyone, by any chance, reading this * ying ying desperate for blog views although she is an inactive and irregular blogger*

PS - gah...i still can't visit FB or YT or Twitter... OTL... i hate my internet quota... =3=


Train said...

Fufufu~ Then good luck on your exam~

-ying- said...

thank you!~ i'll need it~~~>w<~

Anonymous said...

There aren't any instrumentals though TT.TT but thanks anyway :)

CC said...

This is a longshot, but do you still have the complete cd box files? And would you terribly mind uploading? All the torrents I can find for it are pretty much dead since it was released so long ago ;u;