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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


TADAIMA!!! i am officially back! lol! i've learned the true meaning of FREEDOM! homaigod!! this feels awesome! without any weights on my back XD~~~

after the last paper yesterday... i did nothing much... just lazing around~ i feel lazy to do absolutely anything... i've been laying in front of the television watching show after show whole day with breaks only to bathe and eat and toilet OAO~ i'm so lazy...gah... my room... is still messy... i think i need to clean it up soon~ i will have lotsa lotsa books and papers ready to be recycled! x3 then i'm sure my room will be so empty~ and i can roll around my bedroom floor LOL

i wanna do some covers next :/ i'll be on a cover rampage~~~x3~ LOL~ i wanna read moar mangas too!!!x3~ i haven't read Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Bakuman in a while~ =w=~

then by this weekend i'ma doing the KHR reviews i've left out till today OTL reviewing lost its magic when its done weeks after =3=~~~

ugya... nothing else to write... =3=~ i wonder why... when i should be studying, i itch to blog... and no that i have no need to study, i have nothing to blog about :/ what the heck...

oya~ i scanned my drawing~ wee~ turns out pretty nice eh?~ x3~

uguu... i need to watch some tutorials on how to use sony vegas next =3=~ aa~ i bought a new earphone~ yay!!! finally~ oohh~ finally! i get to listen with both sides... =3=~ i wonder why my earphone always spoil in such a short time... OTL don't they have any earphones that will last forever =3=~ i took extra care with my last one... and and... it spoils after just about 3 months or so /(TAT)\~~~ WHY??!!!! OTL but then i bought the same earphone like last time, if it spoils in a short time again, i'ma switching from Sony to something else!!! T^T!


sou da! i forgot! i just watched the S/mileage's latest MV not long ago

ohmaigod!!! finally the new members are singing!!! they look pitiful in Tachiagaaru (XD) nuu one of the cute new member is no longer still with S/mileage... =3=~ but then right~ this MV is pretty nice~ super cute!!! but then... there's something i wanna say...

one or two of the member is hot *nosebleed* i think it's Maeda Yuuka if i'm not mistaken...the one with a mole or something on her neck~ they should do more sexy songs!!! cutesy is okay~ but sexy ish hot! ohmaigod... what am i saying... @_@~ i'm talking like i am a perverted old man who is drooling over the little girls... *hides*

one more reason is that not all the members have cutesy voice...O_O they are pretty powerful!!! even the new members! i have imagined all kinds of cutesy voices when i first saw them in the Tachiagaaru MV~ i stand corrected~

my sweetheart in S/mileage remains~ Maeda Yuuka~ i love her~~~x3~

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