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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Inoue Suguru + my SPM (2011) Biology Paper 1 + my drawing + my cover upload

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ INOUE SUGURU-sama!!!! x3~~~ man, i wish i have enough courage to tell him that via mail~ =w=~~~but but~~ =3=~ i feel so nervous~~~ =w=~

neways~ i wanna announce that i will be back *with a dramatic intonation* very soon~ the last paper is on Monday, tomorrow~ and then i will be back! mwahahahaha~ i'ma flooding my blog again!!!! ohohohoho~~~

ohya~ you know what i did to my Biology Multiple Choice Question paper??? XD

my first doodle on the paper~ then i got addicted... XD

a flower monster!!!!

a messy rambling, cause i dunno the answer OTL

i drew a scenery! out of a graph! XD~~~

a normal-like graph became a weird mountain monster XD~

an example of a bone became a head of a weird kamen-rider-like monster!~ XD

self portrait when i saw that question... XD

the two things i drew cause the back of the page have the shoot tip... but then... Ping said why out of all the pages, i drew it under the male reproductive system's diagram... OTL blame the auxin question at the back of the page!!! XD

and damn, i think i got lotsa lotsa questions wrong OTL


and after my Bio paper right, i drew this~

i was too lazy to use the scanner since it's in the other room, i might as well just take a pic with my camera first LOL~

i'ma using it for my cover after this : Fullchin Boogie~ lol~ an unpopular song~ but sincce Yamai and Usa and Tourai seemed to bbe having lotsa lotsa fun when they are singing it, i ended up searching for the lyrics and singing it~ but sadly, i hafta write the romaji lyrics from the original lyrics myself, since it's not popular OTL but it's fun =3=~ i wonder why hmmm...

next~ i wanna shamelessly post up my own cover/fandub i've posted at Youtube~

yeah~ since my connection is back to normal~ XD~ and i went back on my words that i would not visit YT ugh... OTL i'ma failure OTL

anyways~ the vids~ and i copied the descriptions i wrote there~ x3~ (i treat the description as a place to ramble XD)

Title: Brave Song
Original Singer: Aoi Tada
Anime: Angel Beats!

a cover/fandub by: -ying-
a request by | dedicated to: darkelfregister ( http://www.youtube.com/user/darkelfregister )

thank you for the request~ and sorry to keep you waiting ^O^~ i hope i didn't disappoint you~

this song is pretty hard for me... i don't know why, but my voice is always shaky T_T~~ and my mic makes lotsa lotsa noise =.=~~~ i hope i didn't ruin the song (especially with the harmonies i did =w=~) because the song is just so beautiful~

This time around, i didn't use any effects to my voice =w=~ just amplifying the softer parts though.. (i need more volume control, lol and i failed to hit a few notes T_T)

darkelfregister, i really hope you like this~ sorry for the slow upload, but i will do more covers for Angel Beats!'s songs~ but not really soon though ~_~ cause my exam is still ongoing (i didn't know it will end on December before this =.=' i'm such a good student, lol) look forward to it~ x3~~~

after exam, i'll definitely be on a cover/fandub rampage~ XD! wait for me!!!! mangas, wait for me! animes, wait for me! LOL but then right... there's still college and university to go... OTL (i'm in a nerd mode XD do forgive me ;D)

after exam! i shall torture fellow Youtubers, neighbours and also Nico Nico Douga users with my voice~ after exam! i shall be on a manga-marathon! after exam! i shall be on an anime-marathon! after exam! i shall be writing fanfics! after exam! i shall be drawing to my heart's content! after exam! i shall blog daily! after exam! i shall stalk all my favourite seiyuu and Nico Nico Douga singers & composers~ usa, hanatan, yamai, pokota, tourai, piko, sekihan, hitori, che:sakurai, choucho, valshe, clear, dasoku, vip-tenchou, koma'n, ASK, 96neko and many more=w= /shot

those are nonsensical ramblings, cause after my exam, i only have a month to enjoy myself before college starts.... =w=~ so many things i wanna do, so little time... =3=~(omg, i'm treating this space as my blog, sorry 6^^; )


My Dearest (TV Size)
originally by : supercell feat. Koeda
ギルティクラウンOP / Guilty Crown OP

i fell in love with this song the first time i heard it x3~ i took some time out to sing while i'm studying Accounts OTL hey, i need a break too right? XD and this is also why it's a cover of the TV Size XD

so i took about an hour or so singing, learning songs like Euterpe, My Dearest and also Heavy Rotation (Project Miracle's new cover song~ x3~) and somehow, i learn this song faster than any 3... maybe it's because i fell in love, madly in love with the first few lines~x3 "so everything that make me whole, ima kimi ni sasage you, i'm yours~" tte~ X3 it's awesome

and i just sang my heart out~ recorded this once through (amazingly) XD~ but i ran out of breath at the end at the 'sasageyou' XD~ and i cheated~ i recorded that part separately~ hehehe~ it's not obvious right? damn i'm happy i have audacity to mix XD~ lol~

anyways` after upload~ i'm off to study~ the last and final paper is on Monday~ and after that~ i'm a free man~ and will be on a cover rampage x3!!!

and will also make a cover of the full version of My Dearest~~~ look forward to it please~

So, everything that makes me whole
Ima kimi ni sasageyou
I'm yours

Nee kono sekai ni wa takusan no shiawase ga arunda ne
Itsuka futari nara

Dareka ga kimi no koto usotsuki to yonde
Kokoronai kotoba de kitsuzuke you toshite ne
Sekai ga kimi no koto wo shinjiyou to sezuni
Ibara no kanmuri wo kabuseyou toshita no

Watashi wa kimi dake no mikata ni nareru yo
Sono kodoku itami wo watashi wa shitteiru

So, everything that makes me whole
Ima kimi ni sasageyou


you know, it's pretty depressing when i found out that it's the 15-year-old supercell recruit (Koeda) who sang My Dearest... i thought it was the 17-year-old (chelly) OTL why Koeda sounds so matured!? her voice is super unique! i like her voice especially when she sings Daihinmin =3=~ *envy envy*

omg! i just received a short text from Celcom (my ISP) OTL i'm reaching my quota soon!!! OMG!!! WTF?!!! omg omg.... i didn't do much leh!!!! OTL~ i think i downloaded too many albums again... OTL i should control my urge to download in bulk next time OTL... (i downloaded all the albums and singles by Ikimonogakari =w=~ i just love them too much~ oh the harmonica~~~x3)

till after Monday~ LOL


←To tothe Fu→ said...

Aigoo~!! Still drawing while exam ><!! When I SPM tat time, I've no time to draw aso xDD Gambatte in last paper <3

izeRin said...

hahaha so funny drawings ^ _ ^

I also do that..
(think halv of my drawings have some kind of school test behindthem)

Train said...

That was some funny drawing~ Sometimes I do that to, but only when I have enough time....
Hora Ying, fight! Good luck in your last paper \(^0^)/

Ze said...

haha you are really awesome ^^ ... i want a biology exam like that :P
and happy b-day for inoue-san <3

-ying- said...

@san - XD~ cause i really dunno how to answer no matter how many times i think @@

@izeRin - XD~ it's crazy~ you know~ XD somehow... you wouldn't know where that idea of your drawing came from, right?~ XD

@Train - thank you~~~ LOL~ i had more time cause i really don't know how to do the questions OTL

@ze - nuuu~ the biology exam was hell OTL