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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Comic Fiesta (CF) 2011 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports [part 2]

CHAOSSU!!!!! NO!!!! THIS DON'T LOOK AS GOOD AS 'CIAOSSU'!!!! OAO!!!!! i don't really like the way Mangastream people are translating KHR :S but then it's still better than nothing desho?? i still intend to continue with my review T_T~ but then.... i guess... AFTER i finish the extremely late report on CF 2011 OTL

Comic Fiesta (17 & 18 December 2011 @ KLCC Convention Centre)

18 December 2011
(holy omaigad.... that was more than a month ago OTL)

Day 2 was better... you know why? cause i got smarter *shot* well~ i went there earlier and those who have the tickets get to enter the hall faster *is proud* i thank fishy lots and lots for selling the 2 days ticket for me~ =w=~~~ kansha shite! m(_ _)m~ this is how what it looks like in the hall itself... (not outside it... outside is worse OAO)

(i spotted that Kuma guy or something from One Piece~ but i dare not approach him to ask if i could take a proper pic of him... i'm too shy 0^0)

This is just a waiting room of some sort~ =w=~ when i'm on my way to enter the hall where the actual events was held~ i saw this young lady~ a CF staff~she's so pretteh~ =w=)b

and the poor people outside the hall~~~ mwahahahhahaha /shot..

mwahahaha~ since i was early i got some time to loiter around before the opening~~~ and reunite (LOL weird word choice) with fishy and her friends~~~ then we did some 'shopping' at the booths and spotted a few awesome cosplays~~~ me and one of fishy's friend,Abby went into fangirl mode when we spotted him~ X3

KATSURAGI KEIMA!!!! KAMI-NII-SAMA!!!!!!! *screams!!!!*
y'know~ he's really kind~~~ =w=~ when we asked if we could take a pic of him... he put down his bag, pulled out a PFP and pose GYAH!!!! *fans myself* i'm getting excited even just by thinking about that day~ i dunno why... i didn't get THAT excited when i saw a Yamamoto cosplay before this... @_@~ maybe it's because this cosplayer is pretty 'in character' and i got to take a pic like this of him while i just caught a glimpse of that Yamamoto cosplay =w=~

this cosplay is pretty good~ Ouran~~~ (i'm not sure about the characters name... orz... i'm a failure)

this is a screencap of the opening ceremony AMV thingy XD it's hilarious!!! i think it's from Nichijou or something! it made me laugh till i got stitches!!! and there's this interactive video or something... we need to follow the instruction in the video... something like... the video shows "GREEN" and we are to say "Green~" and stuff like that... it started off super easy and after a while it got super tough... there's even this karaoke session in it~ XD we are to sing the song that is played~ there's Doraemon's theme song and the most epic one is Code Geass's opening~ Color! XD when the song start... i was like, "ohohoho~ i'm gonna sing this!" the starting melody is quite long and when the song start "Jibun wo..." then it ended! *bombed* omg... i got excited for practically nothing OTL.... meh... i don't even understand what i'm typing.... do you? lol~ i can't put the situation into words T_T~~~

then there's this Lolita runway show~~~~ i shall post my favourite ones~~~ :3

these are my favourites desu~ but i am so unskilled in taking pictures... i ended up taking so many blur pics even when i have my flash lights on OTL... and this is the group photo of those who took part~

gosh~ i wish i had the center seat or something!!! SO MANY LOLI!!!! ME LIKES LOLI!!!!!! GIMME MOAR LOLI!!!!! next CF!!! i'll make sure i will run in to the event hall as early as possible!!!!! I WANT MOAR LOLI!!!!!!! ~ i'ma pervert =w=~

aa~ in the midst of the opening ceremony~ Nagi finally enters the hall!!!! My first time meeting Nagi~~~ =w=~~~ and met a new KHR nakama!!! her name's Ee Wei~~ x3~ she wore a KHR shirt and the Ring of Cloud~ =w=~ good thing Nagi met her while lining up~ =w=)b i found a new KHR nakama /shot

after the cosplay runway~ we spotted this adorable pair~ :3


X) SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!! i feel like hugging both of them!!! OAO!!!!

nufufu~ another KHR cosplay~~~ Bel and Jill~(edit:it's TYL Bel@@my mistake)

and and~~~~ Echo-chan~~~ from Pandora Hearts~ if i have not mistaken~

then~~~ i forgot what happened~ and the next thing is the Cosplay Competition~~~ :D the participants are given 30 seconds to perform / introduce themselves / do anything they want~~~

this is the first one~ he went up the stage and just did a few pose~ i dunno which character he is cosplaying though T_T~

Hunny-senpai~~ (i'm not sure about the spelling and i'm too lazy to google it up~ XD) from Ouran~~~ it's a she right?? she went up the stage and gave an adorable speech~ X)

no idea from which anime again... OTL i don't think i deserve to be called and otaku OTL... anyways~ this guy said a few words and strike cool poses~

Something Doom... @_@~ i dunno the character again OTL... i can't recall properly what he did in this round @_@~

ONE OF MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE!!!!! GASAI YUNO FROM MIRAI NIKKI!!!!!! holy omaigad!!! she's so adorable~~~ she went up the stage and i was already shouting "Yuno~~~~~" at the top of my voice... i got too excited! XD she gave a speech... something about Yukiteru my love and something like that~ and suddenly! her yandere side shows!!! KYAAA!!!!! *fans myself* she's super cool that time and i went shouting again like nobody's business XD

KYAAAA!!! Katsuragi Keima from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai!!!!! when he went up the stage! i remembered i shouted "KAMI NII-SAMA" and it's kinda embarassing cause it was when the applause died away O///O~ He said something about the Real girls being annoying and the best is still the Girls in Galge~ and in the end he even threw a Heart shaped plushie thing to the audience!!! OAO!!!! WHY AM I NOT THE ONE TO GET THAT?!!!!!!!! *plops down and cries*

the next two they just went up and pose~ and i dunno who they are cosplaying... so...

Street Fighter??? @_@ omg.. i'm a failure...

this.... is he cosplaying Ichigo??? @_@~? then then... where's his trademark orange hair? OAO?

this girl! i dunno who is she cosplaying... but she's super pretty!!!!but she's evil!!! you know why??! SHE'S USING HER BEAUTY TO CHARM EVERYONE'S HEART!!!!!! OAO!!! EVEN MINE!!! EVEN THIS VIRGIN HEART OF MINE!!! /shot... she's really pretty~ and she's graceful~ all her movements~ ahh~~~ *faints*

Light from Death Note~~~ he went up the stage and started talking~ halfway through~ i half-heartedly said(not very loudly, i think o.o) "Hey! where's your trademark laugh?" then after a while he started laughing!!! then i started laughing like mad to myself... and i missed the rest of his performance cause i was laughing too hard XD

One-Eyed Dragon or something right? XD cause i heard that name a whole lot of times in the finals performance OxO~ woopps~ yeah~ this guy is in the finals~ X3~ well~ his cosplay is definitely very fine and cool!!~ really really well done!! :D and his pose are all super cool~ :3

Setsuna F Seiei~ from Gundam 00~~~~ ORE WA GUNDAM DA!~ lol~ not much to comment~ :3

Hone-Onna from Jigoku Shoujo~~~~ i liked her~~~~ her cosplay was good~ X3~ she said something about her working under Enma Ai and all~ and one thing i could not forget is that she said,"working together with a cute young boy" ohohoho~~~~ X3 Ichimoku? hell yeah he's cute!!! X3

this guy~~~ again... i dunno who he is cosplaying... but he did not manage to perform within 30 seconds because they could not set up their tools and apparatus (omg... i read too much Sciences XD) well... it's actually not this guy's turn... he was just helping to set up~ the participant cosplayed as a monster of some sort @_@~

SAOTOME RANMA!!!!! from Ranma 1/2!!!! pss~ my favourite pairing of all times is Ranma X Akane~~~ okay, out of topic~ anyways~ this Ranma is really cool~ i like the way he talks!!! he is very in character and and!~ :3 he listens to the audience~ and gave his response~ i think he responded when the audience shouted "Ranko" or "water" @_@~ i forgot~ @_@~ but he's good! and his voice melted my heart /shot

this girl... i recalled they said the character is from Final Fantasy @_@~ and the cosplayer is sexeh!! =w=)b

i dunno who again... but this cosplayer is very energetic!!!:D

and yet again... i dunno who this is~ he gave a speech but i wasn't concentrating T_T~ cause i don't really understand~ cause i no watch that anime OTL

=w=~ VOCALOID's KAITO~~~ nothing much to say~ =w=~

Zabuza!!!!! from Naruto!!!! this Zabuza is exceptionally HOT!!!!! HE HAS GOT AWESOME ABS! HE'S SUPER FIT!!!! AND HE'S SEXEH!!!~ *fans myself* he just went up and posed to the cameras~ X) i think that is more than enough to any girls on board~ *drools a pool*

me likes this Mihawk from One Piece~ i thought he was good!!~ and and~ he's kinda hot too~ =w=~~~ i remember the first day or before the performance... i tried chasing him in the waiting hall but i lost him when he disappeared into the crowds... OMG!!! I SOUND SO DESPERATE OTL

this guy is the one helping with the set up just now~ he's also another participant~ he just went up the stage and posed~ aa~ suddenly recalled... he's from Monster Hunter something something @_@~

Group photo~ Kyaa!!! i didn't notice until i look again at the pics i took.... the right most and bottom most cosplayer... he's looking at my camera~~~ KYAH!!!!! wait a minute... he's from Sengoku Basara right??? *tries very hard to recall what the MC announced* =.=' i can't remember... but most probable he's not looking at my camera~ XD it's impossible... since i'm so short OTL you can see i took pics with half of the head of the guy standing in front of me OTL... i'm 156cm and let me stand in front won't hurt desho? XD

then then~ i went out of the hall for a lunch break~ :3~ and i spotted this cosplayer around the corridor~


SHE IS ONE HELL OF A COOL!! i was walking out... and walked pass her... then suddenly something struck me and i went into Reverse Gear (gyah!!!! this is the result of taking 4 hours of Driving lessons XD) and stood in front of the Tsuna~ XD i guess she must have thought i was one hell of a freak XD say cheese to the self-proclaimed #1 fan of KHR~ :D just joking~ but *wipes tears with handkerchief* i really loved her Tsuna cosplay~~~


Well~ i guess i'll stop at my lunch break for now~ =w=~~~ my post got too long before i noticed it... and there are more to come... OAO my next post will be even longer OAO...

i am a terrible blogger...yes i know T_T~~~

  • i don't keep my blog updated often
  • i post inconsistently
  • i post nonsensical ramblings
  • the pictures i take a quite terrible
  • the length of my post is extremely inconsistent!
  • i don't double check my posts...
  • my comments are pretty biased =w=~

  • *sigh* but i'm still blogging XD i'll try improving on it desu!!

    my college started two weeks and this week is a week break for Chinese New Year~ :D~ Ang pau!~ gimme Ang pau!!! i stay at my campus from 7am to around 5.30 - 6.00 pm cause i need to wait for my working sister to fetch me... T_T~ it's super tiring... and yet i joined 6 clubs OTL Student Council, Rotaract, Anime, HanGuk, Music and DOT (Doctors of Tomorrow)...i wonder will the clubs be busy... hopefully not too busy T_T~ or else i'll die.. T_T~ college is robbing away all my time T_T~

    aa~ and i'ma getting songs from the Koushiki CharaSong Dai Zenshu・Ultimate CD Box uploaded... i can't get full discs uploaded since it's too big and the internet i'm using right now is super inconsistent =.=' so i need to upload 1 by 1... OTL

    and!!!! Megaupload got closed down T_T~ that's the saddest thing... T_T~ why?! why?! just when i found out a way to bypass the Malaysia's block on MU.... and now, MU got closed down OAO!!!

    oh well~ till next post~ hopefully soon OTL cause my schedule is not very consistent T_T *waves*


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    Kya!!!! SO long didn't c u update blog~~ T.T
    Happy whn c u update~~ Add oil in studies!!

    Akira Neko Walker Vongola said...

    Really, you NEED watch "Sengoku Basara"!!!!!! Some of your photos are cosplays from this anime/manga/videogame *w*

    *Sorry for my english D: >.<

    Riri chii said...

    jelous that u can go to that comic festival!! TwT