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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rebocon 5 DVD news + Comic Fiesta (CF) 2011 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports [part 3]

Rebocon news

aaand~ Rebocon 5 DVD was released and i, again, felt really really left out OTL... what i did was: goes to Nico Nico Douga to search for any rebocon videos posted and to feel disappointed after that cause PonyCanyon seems to be VERY protective for the contents =3=~~~

WORSE STILL!!! IT WILL BE SCREENED ON CINEMAS!!!! it's stated here at the Ponycanyon's official Rebocon site~ =.=' and so it'll only be available to those who are in Japan again T_T~ THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!!

agah... this will be a very short update cause i'm too lazy to translate the rest @_@~ and i have still yet to find the video of the that Inoue Kazuhiko and Katou Kazuki's PV thingy @_@~


Comic Fiesta (17 & 18 December 2011 @ KLCC Convention Centre)

DAY 2 (Part II)
18 December 2011

after lunch the Cosplay competition finalists performed~~~

i'll post in order of the performance~ and i've selected a few of my favourite~x3~

i don't know who he was cosplayingg but i thought he must be quite into that character~~~ and i liked what he said at the end, which i did not record T_T~ he was just accompanying the trees or something =w=~

and~ sorry for the poor quality T_T~ this was recorded with my digicam and i shrank it to a smaller size so that it won't burden my stupid intrenet too much T_T~~~ but on the bright side~ you can listen to my laughter and what the guy in front of me was saying and stuff like that *shot*aa~ and not forgetting the girls wearing nekomimi in front of me.... i was separated from fishy nagi and all... T_T~ i was standing there alone T_T~

the next vid was uploaded by a Youtube user: xXSoulDitzXx all the better quality vids are by this user~ the bad ones are by me~ T_T~ cause the user did not upload them T_T~

this evil girl!!!! she made full use off her beauty and put on an utterly beautiful performance!!!! but i dunno who she was cosplaying :S

sorry for the bad quality again~ Setsuna F Seiei!!!!~i find it weird for them to mix with a little Japanese in their speech and all~ but towards the end, it was cool~: "Ore wa.... ii ya... Oretachi wa GUNDAM da~" hear me squeal at the end XD

this one! something Monster Hunter something~ This is one amusing performance~ in addition to their accent and how they talk~ it's funny! i like their style! hear me laughing and my expression throughout their performance~ XD i'm one annoying audience~ XD and when i laugh, i tend to shake my camera =w=v~ there is another one, but i find this more amusing~ the two people there help each otherr with performance~ :3

Ranma 1/2 !!!! i totally love this performance!!!! the cosplayer was totally in character!!!! very Ranma-like~ and the announcer's accent! seriously cracked me up! and the Ranko's appearance gave me a pleasant surprise~ x3! =w=)b

Zabuza from Naruto!!!!~ this is one hell of a amusing performance!!!! this Zabuza is funny! and sexeh~~~ if i stood closer to the stage, i swear i would've drooled a puddle =w=~~~~

Mihawk from One Piece~~~~ this is pretty amusing to~ i think i shouted like mad when Hancock appeared~ cause she was so pretty =w=~ and the epic line was when Mihawk said, "so what? I'm gay~" XD!!!!!!

that's that~ and the result was announced towards the end of the day that the best group cosplay (which i missed in Day 1 and i have no idea who they are OAO)

and and for solo cosplay~~~~Zabuza got a prize~ for something @_@~ there are three person from the solo cosplay who received the prizes~

i envy that girl!!!! SHE GOT TO HUG THAT HOT ZABUZA!!!! OAO!
i dunno why there aren't other videos for the prize-giving but the i have pics *grins*~

the Lol cosplay thing~ there's the Youtube guy, horse guy (?) Lego @_@~ and and some robot thing *dies* i dunno @_@~~~~

there's also one prize for OTP o.o~ but i missed it OTL... that time, my camera's battery went dead... T_T~ you know why??? :3~ it's because i went and took too much pics~~~ i shall flood the rest of the post with pics~ :D~ and comments, or me rambling on what had happened~ =w=~

let's rewind to after the final cosplay performance~~~

nuu T_T~ a bad shot~~~ it was in the corridor and Zabuza and co had soooooooo damn many people wanting to take pictures of them T_T~ i could not go right in front of the to take a pic T_T~ then then~ a miracle happened~~~~ Zabuza, for some reason turned to where i was standing and posed for my camera!!!! *Q*~~~

KYA!!!!!! i almost fainted right there and then~ and i had this happy-idiot grin plastered on my face~ thank god i wasn't drooling~ =w=~~~

a cool young lady!!!! *Q*~notice the girl in the background???

KYAAAAA!!!! she's so cool!!! it was so real!!! her cosplay.... she made me thought that there really was an accident or somethin OAO!!!! and her expression omg!!!! she didn't even smile once!

i made my way back to the hall and spotted Agito from Air Gear!!!! i loved him so so damn much and i just snapped the photo of Agito walking past~ and coincidently he was looking at the camera~~~ :3

Kakashi~~~ he was walking nearby and asked him if i could take a pic~ :3

we (reunited with my friends~) spotted Ranma and Ranko!!!! gosh!!!! i was so desperate to get their pics~~~ and they were makin their way into the hall~ thank you so much for allowing us to take your pic!!!! *bows 90 degrees to Ranma & Ranko*

before we got in to the hall~ around a restaurant~ we spotted a whole group of KHR cosplayers!!!! OAO!!!! they were queuing but they actually posed for us nonetheless~~~ *wipes tears* why are all of them so kind?!!!!! T_T~

and then~ i think it was Abby... she spotted a Mukuro cosplay outside the place!!!! so we all ran like mad dog to go outside XD!!!! we had to run a big round because it was practically a one-way direction around the halls~ @_@~~~~ they were running so fast... me and Nagi were the slowest T_T~ and good thing Mukuro did not budge from where he was but he was on the phone... so we took our time to catch our breathe while i took the opportunity to take the group pic of the One Piece crew~

and Mukuro~

we ran so much cause we did not spot any Mukuro cosplay until then XD~

we waned to go back to the hall again~ and i spotted Maka!!! from Soul Eater!~ they were looking for Soul, i think @_@~ but they actually allowed me to take their pic T_T~~~ so sorry T_T~ and thank you!!!!

Durarara!! i think @_@~~~~ i'm not sure~ cause i have not watched it yet T_T though i really wanted to T_T~~~~ i blame school!!!! OAO!!!

this Shana!!!! i thought she was very cute!!!! :3~ but she looks like a quiet person eh?~ :3~

@_@~ a character in Sailormoon! it was well done!!!

DOMO KUN!!!!! x3!!! so cute!!!

Rin & Len!!!!! KYAAAA!!! so adorable!!!! x)

i was looking around and suddenly beside me, a battle commenced!!! OAO! Miku vs some guy who i dunno with their weapons swapped! XD~ so funny!!!!

GUMI!!!! she was taking pics~ but i thought her cosplay was so nice~ i just had to take a pic of her!!! so sorry and thank you~ T_T~~~~

AO NO EXORCIST!!!!! i didn't know when i was there!!!! cause i have not started watching before i went to the CF!!!! OAO!!!! now, i regret for not taking a pic of this group from the front!!!! OAO!!!!

Luffy-sama!!! this Luffy was totally in-character!!!! the way he acts and his style~ it totally give me the 'boss' feeling!!!!!! PIRATE KING!!!!

GUMI and Teto!!!~

Kozato Enma from KHR WITH FLAMES!!!!~ 8D~

i have no idea who they were OAO!~ and the BR.... is it Baskin Robbins??? @_@~ oh well~ i took the pic cause~ THEY ARE SO DAMN PRETTY!!!!!! *Q*!

Strawberry, Ichigo!!! XD!!!! i wanna cosplay something like that, which has mask for the comin CF~~~~ i'm planning to go as Shinigami-sama from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai... problem is... how? O_O

she is sexy~~~~ *q*~

the girl was one of the judges for the cosplay competition~ very very well done!


this group look super cheerful~ and gives a shiny aura O~O

Vampire Knight right??? @@~

Mr Bone!!! lol~ Brooke from One Piece!~~~~ he's pretty cool eh?~ X3~

AGAH!!!! i feel like hugging her! so cute!!!

i and nagi passed by a group which seemed to be doing some sort of professional photoshooting! there was those big big reflective thing and kick ass awesome cam~ OAO~ then i snapped this pic~

kya~ one of them looked at my camera~ i dunno why i feel happy when any cosplayer actually look at my camera XD~ i'ma pure otaku!~

Sailormoon again~~~ this is very well done too~~~

Inuyasha~~~ and that fox kid... i forgot his name OTL....


another Tsuna together with Bel and TYL Bel~~~~ x3~~~~ this three~~~ they are really really adorable!!!! the Bel and TYL Bel practically pulled Tsuna when we asked if we could take their pic~ and the Tsuna whined something like, "not again?!" in Chinese~ x3~ so cute~~~ and i think this was the Tsuna i saw earlier before i took my lunch~ x)~

GUMI again~~~~ this is pretty well done!~~~~ x)~~~

agah~~~~ that's all~ i guess~ :3 ugh, who am i kidding? it's frigging long already!!!! but then do check out more videos of CF 2011 by the user xXSoulDitzXx

well~ it's because i missed almost ALL the stage performance that time T_T~~~~ but i got to hear this~

it was beautiful~ Shiomaru feat two other friends singing Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ (10 years after) :3 there's also Sakurazaka Minori (i think) she also sang Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ and Shunkan Sentimental~ a few more, i can't remember~ i missed Rociel's and Huei Chan's performances :S~

sasatte~ i might restart my KHR manga review~ :d should i? XD~ i guess~ cause it'll help me remind myself to remain sane XD~ till then~ *waves*


Sarah Xd said...

it's so mean >>__<< i wanna watch Rebocon 5 too ;__; we have to write an angry letter to PonyCanyon :( !! the only solution is to fly to japan and watch it there *~~*

Cosplay costume said...

I feel exciting after I saw these pictures. How I eager to take part in, but I have to work that day. How pity I feel..