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Saturday, May 26, 2012

C2AGE 2012 Day 2 (19 May 2012) oTaKu DeSu!~ reports!~

i'm late with posting... in Facebook right, i saw pictures from C2AGE flooding my News Feed... ... *feels guilty*... but!!!! i will feel guilty if i don't write anything about it too O~O omg!!!! i'm such a mess... anyways


oTaKu DeSu!~'s super late report on C2AGE 2012 Day 2 @ Tropicana City Mall

C2AGE (Day 2) 19 May 2012 @ Tropicana City Mall

this album is uploaded according to the time taken~~~ i will not be posting exactly in that sequence though~

okay so~ i didn't went there at 10 sharp as i have planned... cause i wanted to stay throughout the event: 10am - 7pm :D see~ i'm such an otaku XD i went there around 10.15 or 10.30... i forgot... and Chien Yee (i call her Moya) and Kim Yean (i simply call her Yean) were already there~ i spotted them right after i went through the main entrance XD~ Moya was looking at the merchandise booth right in front of the entrance XD~ they started without me *is sad* lol~ joking~ i was totally hyper when i was there :3~ oo!!! there was a spiderman statue... thing there at the entrance there too~~~ the booth i mentioned was just practically beside/behind it... it sells a whole lot of DVD~ pretty good price too~ but me~ i am only interested in the merchandise in events like this XD~~~ they are harder to get OwO~ in a sense... argh! nevermind~ i don't know how to buy stuff online... that's why... T_T~~~~

Anyways...i think i'll leave blogging about the merchandise booths later... basically there are booths selling DVDs + merchandise and some just merchandise only.... there were keychains, cards, rings, swords, nekomimi, usagi mimi, Lambo-mimi XD~~~but i didn't buy that XD~ err~ and also mugs, files, posters, purse, fan, plushies, phone straps, badges... aiya! just almost everything you can think of~ XD by the way i explain it, it may seem like i bought a whole lot of stuff right?~ actually quite right~ i spent around RM300 on both days OTL... and and!!!! Moya bought more than me OAO...

aa~~~ i will blog about it next time... after semester exam... or something... OTL...

anyways~ at first right... i did not have the courage to take picture of the cosplayers... cause... it turned out that i was kinda... early and still not many cosplayers were around and there was not much photo taking around :(~ i'm like this every single time :( i don't have enough courage at the start of the event T_T~~~ so me and Moya spotted a Okumura Yukio from Ao no Exorcist~ x3~~~ but then i was too shy to run straight to him T_T~~~ so we kinda stalked behind him until he disappeared off to somewhere T_T~~~ we were too slow T_T~~~

then the first pic i took for Day 2 of C2AGE!!~~~

this duo came in a group~~ but i didn't get to snap a shot of their group in Day 2~~~ i got it on Day 3~~

i got a stage shot of the first or second performance... i can't remember... it should be the first one...:/ Band Performance by Ani-On Project i probably...

then i saw my college friend, Erika... she was there with her friends who were cosplaying... i totally didnt expect to see her... she's not otaku :o but she didn't cosplay also~ XD~~~~ her friend cosplayed female Hibari~~~

another one cosplayed Akiyama Mio, Don't Say Lazy version~

and another one as Akito/Agito~~ (he's.... i mean Akito/Agito... my favourite~ i dunno why... every single time i see him, i feel like reading Air Gear immediately!~*squeal* though!!!! my fav character in Air Gear is still Kazu-sama~ but then seldom there are people cosplaying him T_T~)

okay...before i start straying off, and start flooding readers with cosplay pics, i shall finish my adventure (XD) at C2AGE~~ we were actually too attracted to one particular booth which sold a lot of notebooks, files, mugs and posters~ XD i bought a few files and posters from that booth XDand i think because of that, we missed quite a lot of things~ after that we didnt stop by too long at any other booth... just around 5-10 minutes :3 (we stopped by the booth REALLY REALLY long!! more than 1 hour collectively cause we actually keep going back to that booth XD~)

then when we are on the roll for taking cosplay pics, i spotted this super cute girl~~i was seriously stalking her! XD at first she was talking and texting... so i felt afraid to approach her... then the other times, she was just walking too fast and the crowd just loves to separate me from her *dramatic tears flow* but then Moya and Yean said that when i 'stalked' her, it was epic :(.... i don't understand :(~
and~~~~ finally i got her pic~~~:3

another shot of her~ in another spot and time~ (i really liked her, what to do XD)

so cute right~~~~ :3~

another favourite~~~ he~... wait... or she... omg!!! i am not sure... BUT!!!!it is because this person is so cute!!! not much make up and all but still very very cute!!!~~

another Matryoshka~

ooo!!! remember me saying the Yukio we were stalking??.... nevermind... i don't even know if people actually read my long-winded stories :( just take a look at the awesome cosplays~~~Yukio and other Ao no Exorcist people! XD~~~

the group one is kind of a bad shot T_T~ sorry for my bad skills... and i dont have a kick ass DSLR T_T~ just my digicam and my phone... but i think they are good... it's just that my skills are just so bad OTL... so sorry T_T~~

my other favourite~~~ this awesome Gray-Sama!!!! Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail!!!~ he ish so hot!!! *q*~

he got the crystal ball from this Snow Miku~

NOOOOOO! he's smiling so sweetly!!! isit because of that Snow Miku?!!!! NUUUUUUU!!! but she's so cute!!! no one can resist it!!!! NUUUU!!!! i'm jealous =3=~

group shot with the hot Gray-sama inside~

(This Lucy and Loki is quite awesome!~x3)

gyah!!! Gray-sama's chest!!! *q* .... ... OMG!!! *runs around* I'MA PERVERT!!! I'MA PERVERT!!!! *runs into a wall*i saw him once before in the previous event i went to at One Utama (in my previous previous previous post XD)... and in Day 3, he cosplayed Luffy on Day 3.. i didn't notice until Moya told me that OAO... and he reminds me of the Luffy i saw in Comic Fiesta last year~ is it the same person?? hmmm i can't tell T_T~~~i kinda suck at recognizing people... T_T~~~gomen nee~

anyways~ the Loki and Lucy with Juvia and another Gray~~~ (i secretly wanted him to strip OxO~)

oya~ i took a whole lot of the pic with my phone... cause i accidentally fell asleep the night before and forgot to charge both my phone and my camera T_T~~~ at the end of the day... battery for both my phone and camera were gone... my camera went first T_T~~~ thank you for your hardwork, camera~ T_T~ and phone~~ T_T~~

this is another group of Fairy Tail with a weird combination of Hajime no Ippo in it XD~

(the Lucy damn hot!!! *nosebleed to death*)

oo~~~Kimi ni Todoke~~~ i've never seen cosplay of this before :3~~~ refreshing desu!~x3~

They look pretty cute together desho~?x3~

For anime/manga cosplay, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, KHR and Kuroshitsuji are pretty famous~ OWO~ quite a number of people cosplayed Inori from Guilty Crown and and! Death Note's L too~~~ OwO~


Kakashi x Yondaime~~~ O///O~

Nufufu~~~ this cosplayer actually allowed me to hold his sword after i took this pic~~~ X3~ i mean... okay nevermind~ i'll just blurt out what happened OwO~ like usual, i shamelessly stopped whatever the cosplayer was doing (cause i was in the mood to grab pics non stop XD~ when i'm in the mood, i'm unstoppable! mwahahahaha!!!) and asked to take a pic of him/her/them~ then i took his pic~~ and he actually offered me to take a pic with him and he handed his sword to me~~~ that time i actually felt like dancing around the mall with the sword~~~~ O///O~~~ *is overly-happy*~ but i managed to control the urge and took a pic with him~ OwO~

ohyeah~~~ reminds me... :(~ my friend in college, Oliver... he cosplayed Itachi... T_T~~~ i should have taken his pic with my camera T_T~~~ His pic is in Erika's camera i think T_T~ nevermind!!! it's okay!!! i have his Day 3 pics!!!

the epic one is this FEMALE KAKASHI!!~~~x3~ i love her~ she's hot! and she reads Icha Icha Paradise! /shot

and i kept spotting her around the event area and i kept taking pics of her XD~~~ she must have thought of me as a freak or something XD~~
the male and female Kakashi!~

but did you realize something?? XB nevermind, i'm sure it's just me~~~ the female Kakashi~ for every shot i take~~~ she's looking at my camera!!! KYAAA!!! i feel very happy when that happen cause often when i take pics, there are other cameras around the cosplayers too... and they often look at the other cameras (especially those kick ass DSLR ones T_T~) but this female Kakashi~ she looked at mine all the time x3~ i admit, i took a whole lot of bad shots... cause i immediately press the shutter or whatever you call that 3 or 4 times in a row so that i will at least get one or two clear images T_T~ and when i went home and browse through the shots i took i realised that in every single shot of her, she's looking at my camera~~~ *is overly happy again~*

gotta... calm down... ... *breathe...* okay~ group shot~~~

this Naruto and Sasuke so cute! XD

sasatte~~~ now now~~~ for Bleach~~

Byakuya!!! (almost typed Byakuran just now T_T~) everytime me and Moya try to say his or Byakuran's name, we tend to say the different one ~_~... and!!! ever since i've heard the Miku's Senbonzakura~~~ i always imagine Byakuya singing that song XD~ don't ask me why, i'm just weird T_T~

omg!!!! STRAWBERRY ICHIGO ON RAMPAGE!!!! HE'S GONNA KILL!!! lol~ kidding~ but seriously~ he had brought some sort of scary aura~

okay... there was not as many Bleach as i thought... oh no!!! it was Day 3!!! i got mixed up... so sorry T_T~


this group~~~ trust me~ they are super lively and happy~~ at least that was what i felt when i requested them to take a group pic~

Hibari~~~ quite a number of Hibari XD~~~

and this one is with Dino~ x3~

TSUNA!!! and is that Tenshiran.... i mean... Byakuran...? *confused* but the eye thing ...=3=? it's not right??

Kuroshitsuji~ x3~
Ciel overflow!!~

the same Ciel with, i'm not sure who cause i only know very few characters in Kuroshitsuji T_T~

Ciel-chan!~ and Moya~~~ introducing Moya XD~

Inori from Guilty Crown~

there is another one... but i didn't get to grab her pic T_T~~~

L~~ Death Note~~~ x3~~

This L!!! he was in-character all the time... he walk just like L...he never talk... he is expressionless... he eat sweets~ he take his thing like L~ gyah~~~ i love this L!~

A UNIQUE PAIR SPOTTED~~ L and Yuno from Mirai Nikki!!!! so awesome right?~ x3~~~ but then... curses!!! i accidentally touched the camera of my phone that time and i didn't notice it T_T~~~ and i took pictures with this weird light effect T_T~~

okay... i'm suddenly tired of grouping the images like this... i'll just simply put the pics and comment on it if i have any~~~ :D~ cause i wanna finish this post quick... *gets lazy* but look at those awesome cosplays~~~x3~

a pretty Mio~~~ x3~

Ouran~~~ they are quite in-character X3~

XD!!! an awkward pair!!! XD!!! i remember when Moya asked them to move closer, the black one actually stepped a step to his left towards the red one! XD!!!! i remember i laughed so hard that time~~~ cause it was rather cute for them XD!!!

a pretty trio~~~ Rozen Maiden right~ x3~

Kaito Karakuri Burst version (?) and Gokou Ruri~~~ an unusual pair again~~~ x3~ but looks kinda cool~

uuu~ mafia-like~~~ so hot and cool!!! x3!!! i am not sure what it this but still, this is so damn cool!!! x3!!~~

damn cute!!!! x3~~

i really like this guy!!! he look nice!!! but i dunno which character he was cosplaying T_T~~~ i took his pic in Day 3 too T~T i'm such a failure... T_T~

a rare one~~~ Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura~

Chobits~~~ right??? i think so~ with the ears... that... thing... ARGH!!!! nevermind!!! she's so cute!!!

Euphemia and CC from Code Geass right?~~~ an that guy is... eh?! who is he?@_@~

this girl is damn cute!!! i asked if i can take a pic of her... and she's like pouting and all~ and hands me a flyer~ XD turns out she's from a booth~~~ after that only she was willing to take a pic~ so adorable!!! oo~ and the flyer says Nakagawa Shoko is coming to Putrajaya on the 27th for Hari Belia or something T_T! nyuuu Shokotan!!! T_T~~ why you come now?!!!!! when i had to study for my exams?!!!

PEDOBEAR!!!! LOL!!! so cute!!!

Madoka... something something T_T~~~ i can't remember the title of the anime right T_T~ but! i love the songs!!! (cause i'm a big fan of ClariS~)
an i heard it's a nice anime and all~ =w=~

ya'know~ it's kinda funny to ask scary characters to posee for a pic or something XD~~

Alice of Alice in Wonderland with Mr Rabbit right?? :D~ they are a cute pair! and just at this very moment... i blurred the camera lens a little T_T~

OWO!!! this is damn awesome!!! she's pretty and her clothes!!! *Q*!~~

the red one~~~ Alice from Pandora Hearts~~~x3~~~ but i dunno who's the blue one OTL somebody... enlighten me!!!! T_T~~~ i wanna know badly!!!

Zero no Tsukaima!!~~~


omg!!! she look so sweet!!! x3~~~but yet again... i'm not sure who she is OTL...

Tennis no Oujisama!!!! x3~~

Nurarihyon no Mago~~~


Doki doki wo kowaresou sen paasento LOVE! HEY!!!! XD!!!! UTA NO PRINCE SAMA!!!!~x3~

Natsume Yuujinchou~

a girl at a game booth~

Nufufu~~~ if you've noticed~ i have posted all the anime cosplay first~ why? because i wanna put all the Vocaloid cosplay together~~~ and if anyone knows it, please please please tell me which version / song they are cosplaying T_T~~~ onegai shimasu!~

AND!~ CHARACTER SOS~~~ (again) for this two pic~~


agah~ that's kinda the whole thing~ cause throughout the event, i kinda.... ignored the stage performance for Day 1 XD~ cause of the cosplayers~ sometimes... i think it's best if i can split myself into three~~~
First: do the merchandise shopping
Second: take the cosplay pics
Third: sit in front of the stage 24/7 XD~~~

Cause i stayed at the mall until 9pm, and the cosplayers had went home... :(~ i continued merchandise shoppin XD~~~ it was all in all awesome!~~~ NEXT POST ON C2AGE 2012 DAY 3~~~ WAIT FOR IT!~~ :D i need to rush for it too~ cause the next event i'm going to~~~ IS AFA ASIA IN MALAYSIA FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!~~~ AND I ALREADY BOUGHT THE TICKET FOR BOTH DAYS! INCLUDING THE CONCERTS!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! WHICH MEANS~ I CAN GET TO SEE KOTOKO, FLOW, MAON KUROSAKI AND KALAFINA IN PERSON!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH~~~~ /shot sorry for the caps~~~ XD~ i'm hyper~ forgive me... i'm so excited about it that i am willing to go there even though my exams start on 11-15 June and the event it on 9-10 June \(=.=)/ otaku banzai~ i'm screwed... it's NOT okay to be a nerd and an otaku at the same time T_T~ and sometimes, the otaku-ness just take over everything OTL...

a big thank you to Yean (on the left) and Moya (on the right) for keeping me company (and tolerating with my extreme fangirl mode at the moment XD) i love you guys~~~ x3~

oo~ and sorry... i already tried to prevent myself from posting too many pics... T_T~ but i just can't help it m(_ _)m so sorry T_T~~~

m(_ _)m thank you in advance!~ \(^o^)/~

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Loop. said...

Oh my, you went the second day?! It looks so awesome..! I really wanted to go, but I wasn't able to. :<

But! I must say, your camera is really high quality. Even if it's not a DSLR or whatever, it looks very very clear! Thumbs up, and good job for such awesome shots!

Looking forward to the next post! ^^