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Friday, June 8, 2012

All set for AFA Malaysia 2012

i'm late for posting about C2AGE day 3 OTL... i think... i'ma gonna ditch the idea of blogging about it :( cause it will be kinda outdated :(~ and and! guess what~~~ i'ma going to AFA Malaysia tomorrow~~~ *dances around*~ i'ma going to see Kalafina and Maon Kurosaki de arimasu!~ x3~ i will see Oliver, James, Kaichou and Ee Wei-chan there~~~ maybe Moya too~ :(~ haven't heard updates from her@_@~ i shall call her later~ :S

i promise i will post about this event as soon as i can~~~:D~

and now... i shall study like a zombie for my exam... it's my semester exam... and its starting this Monday @_@~.... today is Friday~ and Rebecca Black taught me that tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards T_T and i will spend both days at AFA Malaysia without studying at all!!! whole both days!!! at least from 9am to 9pm!!! OTL...

i think i said this before, but, it's hard to be a nerd and an otaku at the same time... and it is just too difficult when the otaku side owns the nerdy side OTL... say goodbye to my grades *waves with hanky*

anyways~ till next time~ meanwhile~ listen to this awesome song~~~

Flower by BRIGHT

*le updates in the morning* :( Ee Wei and Moya-chan not going desu T_T~ this time around... i'm definitely walking all over the place... alone...

*plays a sad music in the background*

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Therapii said...

You're going to the AFAMY? Same with me! This is my first -finally!- experience going into this kind of event so quite nervous la =w=;

But first I want to attack the Atelier Royale Café xDDD