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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bored & pissed off

I am currently sitting in the line for AFA Malaysia 2012 I LOVE ANISONG CONCERT Day 2... and i am actually kind of at the back of the line =_=...the reason is that...i wasted a whole one hour and a half waiting for Kaname, Miyuko and Tasha....from around 3.45 until 5.15...and they still have uet to show up =_=~i got so pissed off and left...and i found myself at the back of the queue since i only bought the free stansing tickets =_=~if i end up standing at the back of he concert today, i swear i will gobble you up=_=~ i feel very upset right now...i don't want to miss KOTOKO and FLOW!!!!dammit!!!! VIP are always late?tch!to me,KOTOKO and FLOW are the real VIP!!!gah!!!*angry*

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ゆうき said...

o: Same case at AFA ~ They delayed the time alot >< Like the press preview also wait Kaname till 1hr~ At least an apology will do but none =w=~ Sumore i came with my mom ~ My mom was so pissed ><;