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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

long ramblings! my Otaku vs Nerd self

... OTL... i lost... i lost the battle against time... OTL... and i am a total failure.. i never got to post both C2AGE and the very first AFA MY on time... nevermind... i am determined to start anew! why? cuase tomorrow will be the commencement of my 2nd semester in A Levels~ mwahahaha~ (so for those who just came as July 2012 intake, you guys are my juniors babeh XD!)

recently i have been quite busy... since i kinda decided to give the Medicine course a shot... so i will be applying for Medicine when i am applying for universities :/ and hence, i went for a short five-day hospital attachment in my hometown at Klinik Kesihatan Sitiawan~~~ it is kinda interesting~ i got to scan the babies with ultrasound back then x3~ unforgetable experience! and also the insertion of IUCD... god, it looks painful OTL.. other than that are just the regular cough, fever, flu and mostly diabetes and hypertension patients~ not much emergency stuff since its just really a clinic XD

that is my first week of semester break... OTL... and not to mention when i go back to my hometown, i dont have any internet connection OTL... and that time also, my phone locked the SIM card! GAH!!!! bad things happen all at once!!!

then... the second week.... cause i lost touch with the internet... work piled up for an event committee i am in, the Jog For Hope 2012... and i do nothing but editing editing and editing for the second half of my break... there goes my break...

since the event is less than two weeks away... i don't think i have the luxury to slack off anymore... =3=~ and i kinda lost my true self and became super moody and went nuts for the past few days... cause i usually enjoy what i do... now... this is different! it turns out to be more stressful than i expected! agah!

but then, you know what's good~? its before the break, i actually went to AFA~ and it was awesome!!! the festival itself is just so-so~ if compared to Comic Fiesta or C2AGE~ i mean, i expected more out of a huge event like this T_T~ although, i didn't get to enter the Maid Cafe or the Butler Cafe OTL... the queue is too long... i queued up there for almost 2 hours... and i was hungry like hell... and i needed to queue for the concert (cause my ticket is for free standing T_T~ so hafta grab a good spot before anyone!!!) ... so yah... but then my leg hurts like crazy for the both days of AFA...

and i gotta say, the best part of AFA is the guests celebrity they bring in! the celebrity cosplayers~ apparently, one of my friend actually went there for Miyuko and a whole bunch of them went there for Kaname XD... however... they kinda piss me off... i think i posted this before... i was waiting for them to appear at the Canon Booth but they never show up until i got frustrated standing for more than an hour there and left... they show up almost right after i left... but then, thank god i left early! if not i would have missed Sea☆A and the super awesome (i feel sorry for Sea☆A T_T~ they are good, but then i hafta say, the other two are my favourite for like 10 years already! T_T) KOTOKO and FLOW X3!!!

the first day's concert was Aimi, Maon Kurosaki and Kalafina~~ x3! they are awesome too!~~~
and what blew me away was Maon Kurosaki's aura! she is relatively new (and not to mention super hot and pretty X3) her singing is super awesome!!! i love her rock songs!!! agah! hell, i always prefer rock song XD!

and Kalafina! i didnt even like this type of genre... but after i knew who are the Fiction Junction and the Kajiura Yuki... to hell with my likings, they are super awesome!!! their vocals is just plain BOMB! how they sound in the recordings is exactly how they sound in the concert!!!

Aimi.... hmmm, she i think, lacks some stamina... i have never heard any of her songs before this, i am so sorry to say that, but i think she is not quite suited for concerts T_T~ and i think she better stick to cutesy songs! she sound so much better singing them, like when she sings Hare Hare Yukai~ ugyah! damn cute!!!!

second day, like i had mention, was Sea☆A, KOTOKO and FLOW~~ Sea☆A was really unexpectedly good~ i mean... i know they are the idol unit type... and i have heard a whole lot of idol groups and some of their live concerts are not really good cause they need to dance and sing... but!! Sea☆A pulled that off! i am positive those are not lip synchs! and they are dancing with full energy!!! ugyah! Sea☆A! you just got a new fan desu!! x3!

for KOTOKO! god!!! everyone knows all the songs she sings!!! x3! her Light my Fire totally put me on a total high!~ XD~ well, thats my favourite KOTOKO's song up till now~ then come Being~~~ x3 i remember how i use to not know how to differentiate Kawada Mami and KOTOKO.. now i know! x3 *pats myself* i've grown as a fan of KOTOKO~ x3~

FLOW!!! THEY ARE DA AWESOMEST!!!! IT CANNOT BE DENIED!!!! not just their songs, each of the fans started shouted and singing along! but they are also great mood creators!!! one guy beside me commented, "the guitarist sure knows how to run a concert.." i cant do anything but to agree with it! no argue! the vocalist at that time passed the slots for Drum solo, then Bass solo and then the Guitar solo... the guitarist just end it with a few strums =3=~ then walked off~~ then the crowd starts pouting and things like that (not really all, but just imagine~~~ at least i am pouting and actually shamelessly shouted, "EH?! NANI SORE?!" OWO~ i don't care~ the people around me don't know me in real life... and yeah, i went to the concert all alone OTL...) then the guitarist start taking over the crowd and all~ everyone screamed like crazy and happily let him control us~ when their performance ended, everyone kept shouting "mou ikkai! mou ikkai!" tte~ x3! (i shouted till my voice went pitchy and lost my voice the next day XD) the encore song i remember was GO!! from Naruto~ x3! i mean, EVERYONE know and can sing the song! especially the parts like after the "Right here, Right now" everyone just shouted "BANG" like nobody's business! XD! even the guys around me...cause before that was just me jumping up and down like a crazy woman XD! i don't care! i just wanna let loose!!! but they can't help it during FLOW's performance too XP~ they are just that awesome!

and the thing is, after their performance, a whole bunch of us ended up staying and buying their album to get their signature~ XD i did not want to at first T_T~ but then...we were all swayed by the super awesome concert experience they gave us!! I got their signatures in the booklet of their Anime Best album! AND AND!!! I GOT TO TALK TO THEM AND SHAKE THEIR HANDS! KYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OWO! I FELL IN LOVE! OVO!~

and... the very next day... a continuous five-day-hell of my semester exam OTL... right after the AFA... OTL... my Bio and Maths okay la... can do... but my Physics, Chemistry and Thinking Skills... OTL... i even skip a whole bunch of questions!!! all not enough time OTL... this proves that i have so insufficient knowledge about the subjects and lack of practice!!! T_T! this semester around, i am determined to do a consistent revision everyday! finding a right balance between my otaku-ness and my nerdiness XD! and make sure non of the two dies XD i kinda have a bipolar disorder... in a sense... anyways... i found out that totally stopping animes and mangas is not the solution for me... cause i ended up thinking i will have more time and slack off instead... so i need to keep myself occupied at all times! i need to pick up at least one of the latest anime to follow by week... instead of doing an anime marathon that sort of thing! consistency! i HAVE TO make sure i score all A* in every exam or else my future will be in jeopardy... my parents refuse to sponsor me.. they will only allow me to further my studies under scholaarship, one way or another OTL... but its for my sake, i understand that OTL...

conclusion! i really have to be super consistent this semester! since my result of the semester exam turns out to be better than expected, seeing that i only started studying most of the subjects a night before the exam XD~ i'm not too far off! just a slight push from myself to myself and i can do better than this~ and of course even without missing out with anime & manga & cosplay events! i am determined to be a good event blogger and befriend with lotsa lotsa cosplayers! x3~ i still dont quite belief the fact that i actually know cosplayers like Masakazu Yamashita (my anime club president~) and Oliver~~ oo! and unexpectedly Nickson!~ and Kwok Shien and James also intend to cosplay soon! uuu~ i'm really happy actually!~ agah~ i'm typing this cause i know they won't read this anyways~ XD~ maa~ keep it to myself and my blog~ XD~

jaa! off to a new start! oTaKu DeSu!~ GANBATTE! x3

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Draek Koh said...

:) Did you know SeaA Members came from SG & MY? And if you still want to put download links... for the KHR Ulti Charasong cd that is, I've downloaded from : http://www.anime-mp3.com/2011/10/katekyo-hitman-reborn-ultimate-cd.html (Oh, and thanks for posting the earliest! I downlaoded from yours too :D