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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trying to blog on my mobile...

Hehe~~ciaossu!its been such a long time since i blogged...every time i feel like blogging...its always cause my internet is down or i am too lazy to upload photos and sorts XD

AND! Recently i have just been studying and studying and studying and doing some jobs for clubs and application to universities and all... there are times when my nerdy hardworking self take over, but ultimately...i am still an otaku!! XD

You know why?it is because, all these hard work are for an upcoming event on the 25th and 26th August 2012: Animangaki 2012!!! Going to event is okay...but the thing is,my semester trials will start on 27th XD~so...this is one of the very rare times that i actually study this early before exams XD the power of my otakuness fueled my nerdy self with motivation...

anyways...i am just randomly typing to test out blogging by sending an email to blogger and publish it as a post~lets see how it works...i attached an image to this post~its my 6 page summary of my whole semester 1 mathematics,my favourite subject x3~ till next time~ ja ne~

Ps-if this works out fine, imma treating this blog as a journal all over again XD

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