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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kagerou Project & Kagerou Days (manga) review

nee nee~ shitteru? watashi wa nee~ vocaloid uta no FAN desu!x3

agah! this is odd XD to be typing almost fully in japanese... (especially when my japanese kinda suck XD) nee nee~ ya know?~ i'm actually a Vocaloid song fan! x3~ and and~ just recently i discovered the magic of the Vocaloid Ranking thing on Nico Nico Douga OTL yes, it's kinda sad to be using it only after about a year creating an account there OTL...

but thanks to that, i fell in love with a composer's work: Jin!!!! (じん)

I am particularly fond of his works under Kagerou Project (カゲロウプロジェクト)... I am not so sure whether i'm referring to it the right way or not since i am considered a beginner in all these Vocaloid stuff... cause all i used to do was download blindly without looking at the composers and all... and mostly cause Usa and Hanatan and Tourai and Pokota and Yamai sang the song or something XD

anyways~ it's cause i heard the Children Record for the first time when i first open the Vocaloid ranking thing... then i was thinking, "i heard this melody before... it sounds a little like Souzou Forest"... then i clicked the mylist there and *facepalm* okay... same composer! and i'm officially a fan XD so sorry for my long winded story... i tend to do this very often XD

anyways... actually i'm just too lazy to google up the details of Kagerou Project... there are tonnes of info her on the Vocaloid wikia on Kagerou Project... and i felt like i am missing out a whole lot... i only heard half of the songs under Kagerou Project OTL...

... i will follow every single trail of Kagerou Project... after my trials... i am supposed to study for my trials right now... i'm always distracted like this! AGAH!!!!

it's cause i accidentally clicked on the Mangafox icon on my browser and my eyes landed on a new upload: Kagerou Days... my eyes popped out when i saw Jin and Shidu under the author... and so i end up reading it... OTL *covers face and cries* i really need to study soon...


Reviews for Kagerou Days manga Chapter 0
Hello Scans: Download for Kagerou Days Chapter 0

Spoiler alert~ but not much... since i got more from the Vocaloid wikia page =3=~ however i am referring solely to the manga... i don't want to mix things up!

So all in this chapter is that Shintaro is a shut-in for 2 years and he compose songs in hopes to rank #1 in Nico Nico Douga... However he has this girl on his computer, Ene, who is actually kinda innocent and carefree and if i might add a total moe! x3! Ene played some pranks on Shintaro and his keyboard and mouse broke... He couldn't buy them online since the sites are on a break and sorts he had to go out and buy them himself... that's cause he can't survive a day without his PC~ He went out feeling the heat of the summer and thats all in the Heat Haze Days (Kagerou Days) Chapter 0....

okay, my personal views now~ throughout the whole chapter, i was smiling~ i felt like i could understand Shintaro and all *nods nods* yes, the life where you feel like you can't live without the computer and all~ and Ene is just so cute~ but then i think this chapter in whole is not a very good one... T_T~ sorry Jin... but referring only to manga... this is not a good start... it doesn't give me an impression that this will turn out to be a good manga... if i'm not a fan of the songs of Kagerou Project, i don't think i will remember to check for the release of the second chapter... the storyline is not much and the character kinda lacks originality... the art too T_T~ Shintaro especially... but Ene looks kinda normal here :x somewhat... maybe because of the art and all... it feels totally different from seeing her in Headphone Actor. (i shall conveniently embed the PV here)

i personally prefer the Ene with the more mysterious feeling to it... i think that is why i thought the manga was not a real good start cause it didn't build up any curiosity and it didn't had enough charm that is present in some other slice of life manga i read... But i have to admit another thing, Ene ddo have some cuteness power to her~ XD

And i kinda feel that this manga will be kinda slow-paced T_T~ Art wise, it's just decent~ but i think it's well-suited for the series~ The humour level is just okay also~

Overall... my impression on this manga it's kinda bad... if it was a standalone manga without the songs.... i really would not anticipate for the next chapters T_T~ (so sorry) but since there seems to be a promising storyline from the summary at the Vocaloid wikia and it will link the songs all together~ i will keep myself updated with the chapters to come! and also~ the character designs, i really liked them all! so i wanna see the characters appearing soon in the chapters!

Review end!~


okay~ just to fill in some gap~ i'ma telling you guys my favourite character is theperson from Mekakushi Code!~

i like this song a lot too!~ Mekakushi Code is what got me really hooked on Kagerou Project~ i thought, "This guy in the video is really cool" All this while... until today when i saw the wikia, "OMG!!!! his name is Kido Tsubomi!" .... then i saw that that character is a girl... OTL... i'm so sorry Kida... all the while i thought you are a guy... gomen T_T~ but i still like her! she is so damn cool X3!!

My favourite song from Kagerou Project is Kisaragi Attention~

i like how this song bring about a total different feeling from the other songs~ x3~ and also the PV is real cute!!! x3~ Souzou Forest is nice too~

but i still prefer Kisaragi Attention~

My next favourite is Konoha no Sekai Jijou~

i find this song super super cool~ x3~

then comes what brought about the name of the project (i think) Kagerou Days~ also the most popular song up till now~

i think this song had a lot of character in it~ the melody and all~ it's real unique~ but it's not really my liking as compared to Kisaragi Attention and Konoha no Sekai Jijou XD~ so yah~

Then comes Children Record~

It's also another cool song~ i have an extreme fondness toward cool songs like this~ along with the goddamn cool kickass PV!!! *drools*

Mekakushi Code comes next~ then its Souzou Forest~ Headphone Actor and Jinzou Enemy~ i have not listened to the other songs yet~ so thats how i rank Kagerou Project's songs~ don't kill me or anything~ that's just what i think~ XP~

and my favourite character designs are Kido and Ene~ both for their coolness~ but why Ene is so so cute in the manga?! that kinda shocked me a little...

i am a beginner with these things~ i shall equip myself with more knowledge on this~ once i equip myself with knowledge to face my trials first.... till then~ ja ne~~~

PS - actually right, this post is not informative at all desho? XD just to voice out my love .... my obsession for Kagerou Project recently~ and to spread the obsession~ nante nee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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