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Thursday, September 1, 2011

KHR manga review target #351 & ramblings [edit]

KHR manga review target #351: Request

read/download KHR Target #351: Request at I Eat Soul

before i get to that... *points at my current blog banner* i happily exclaimed that i ripped it from the ponycanyon site... i actually tried again and found the original background image by searching for it in the source code thingy... there~ the background image *Q*

anyways, i'm damn happy XD so i made this new version~ wahahahaha!~ this is one of the rare times i actually put in ramblings in my blog header!~ but seriously!~ i just wanted to share the image that almost made my nosebleed at first sight... okay, fine, i dindn't nosebleed... but then i was something like this:

Super random images... but seriously... that's what i did... but not moe moe as Aoi was in that pictah XD she's damn moe! tsundere moe! Anyways~ i shall carry on with target #351

Page 1: the title page (that's what they call it i think O_O ugh! it's mentioned in Bakuman... ugh! i forgot @_@) the Arcobalenos!~~~ *q* hey wait! how come up till now, i only know the name of Reborn's pet and Mammon's... OAO! omg! i didn't notice i was so noob about the pets' names... OAO

list in ROYGBIV arrangement!~

Fon : Lichi (monkey)
Luce : Cosmo (squirrel)
Reborn : Leon (chameleon)
Verde : Keiman (crocodile right OAO?)
Colonnello : Falco (falcon? XD)
Mammon : Phantasma (frog)
Skull : Oodako (octopus)

correct me if i have got some wrong infos here!~ =D

Page 2: is it me or is Reborn's not too cute here... more to freaky... o.o anyways, Reborn woke up from the weird dream and bye bye Fran... Amano Akira-san... i wanted to know who did Apple Fran picked OAO! Bianchi, Fuuta, I-Pin and Tsuna were at the door... o.o now that i think about it, just where the heck is Lambo? O_O?? anyways

Page 3, Maman finally appeared!~ =.=' ah, Bianchi's acting all lovey dovey with Reborn again... that will just make her look like a pedo OAO!

Page 4: omg.... Reborn ish creepy!!! Reborn ish creepy!!!!!!!! REBORN ISH CREEPY!!!! OAO!!!!! anyways, Tsuna is such a coward... =.='

Page 5: coward Tuna Tsuna!

Page 6: AAAAAAA!!!!! my precious Iemitsu! finally you appear!!!! AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME!!!! I MISHED YOU!!! IEMITSU~~~ (yesh, i like Iemitsu... it's weird... but bear with it... XD)

Page 7: BABY LAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAL MIRCH MINI!!! I MISHED YOU LOTS AND LOTS!!!!X3333~~~

Page 8: o! Oregano appeared too?!!! that was a shock! but then why you come in with Basil... Where ish Turmeric? OAO! anyways, i'm feasting my eyes on Oregano... is it just me or ish Oregano pretteh~? *q* hey... an Arcobaleno? i actually thought of the guy with that clear pacifier... but then...

Page 9: IT'S COLONNELLO!!!! OAO!!! OH.MY.GOD! *overheats* *brain overheats* i.... can't.... handle.... too.... much... LM.C!~ X3, no, not lovely mocochang.com.... not the band, but Lal Mirch X Colonnello!~~~~ i heart this pairing!~~~~ *overheats again* i mean!!! Lal's blushing!!!! page 9 panel 4!!! homg!!! dammit! Colonnello! you could've greeted Lal first =3= i want moar... =3=

Page 10: Mammon~ She asked a favour from Xanxus







sorry... i think i'm falling for Xanxus noaw... but but! he look exceptionally hot there!!! and he's actually speaking normally! no shouting! no leg crossed! no arms crossed! no rolled eyeballs! Just normal! to Mammon... homg! *overheats* *fans off smoke* hey, but then why are all the Arcobalenos asking favours from the people closest to them @_@

....Page 11: Hey! that's Kokuyou right?? o.o? OAO! an Arcobaleno's asking a favour from Pineapple fairy Mukuro?!!! but... why?! WHY MUKURO!??? and which Arcobaleno is that?!

Page 12: ...OAO! a random appearance again! this time, it's Enma... OAO! and kittens (i actually thought one of the kitty faces there was Uri XD my bad my bad)

Page 13: .... the way that Arcobaleno talks... 9999% percent it's Skull... =.=' but why he chose Enma?! he could've chosen someone else... say? Longchamp Naito? XD! now that i think about it! Amano Akira didn't even have the slightest intention of making moar parts for Longchamp... but, it will be damn enjoyable to have Skull with Longchamp!~ OAO! wait... if Skull's here... then, the one with Mukuro is narrowed down to Verde, Fon, Luce(?).... o.o ALL OF 'EM HAVE ZERO CONNECTION WITH MUKURO, WHATSOEVER!!!! OAO!

okay, Page 14: Fon cancelled out from Mukuro's side... (omg, the way i put it sounds weird... and odd o.o) anyways, *ignores* Who you should ask favour from? *laughs* should i suggest Hibari to you? XD! omg! reminds me of the Arcobaleno arc! the awkward silence when their eyes met XD! so damn stupid!!!

Page 15: EH?!!!! THAT!!!??? nevermind... refer to the pic below...

That is Romario?! is it me who had lost memory? this guy doesn't shout Romario to me at all oAo

Page 16: oh, Dino... and Enzo... *emotionless* i bet people will start saying how hot Dino is and all... but Dino... not even just once, seems hot to me... don't ask me why... but then, i like his voice, his seiyuu, KENN! he's got a hot voice!~~ "Be more hard~ Be more hard~" *laughs* XD anyways, okay, noaw, Reborn doesn't look as creepy as he did earlier... or maybe it has something to do with his hat... o.o

Page 17: "For my sake, To please fight for me" ... DAYUM YOU!!!!! just when i thought we can actually see the Arcobalenos in real action... *slumps down under a single spotlight and cries* I'm depressed..

ah! now that i think of it... since the dream also, they just have 6 Arcobalenos in it, so i guess same goes to the situation here... so the one with Mukuro is actually.... Verde...

Verde... Mukuro...

Mukuro... Verde...

OAO! hey! he's back in Kokuyo, why he no visit Chrome?! that pineapple fairy!!!! tch! i send Glo Xinia over to your place and kill you!

okay!~ that's the end of target #351~ analysis time! okay, don't burst the bubble here (btw, have you watched Hyuna's Bubble Pop MV? it's the only Hyuna's MV i've ever watched... but she's goddamn hot! *Q*) umm, umm, where was i?

i think, the dream doesn't just end like how target #350 ended. That checkered guy must have mentioned something about battles... and they themselves cannot be involved in it... so they seek assistance from different parties... Let's see~

Reborn: Vongola-Tsuna + Cavallone
Colonnello: Vongola-CEDEF
Mammon: Vongola-Varia
Verde: ...Kokuyo...
Skull: Shimon
Fon: ??? OAO! at this rate, he MIGHT go to Longchamp! OAO!

Luce or Uni, i think she shouldn't be included here o.o

omg, i think, seriously... Fon will go to Longchamp! OAO! then what about Fran? where's Spanner? and and! aren't the Funeral Wreaths going to make their appearance... i mean, they SHOULD receive shards of memories from the future, right? aren't they abit curious about things going on with the people who defeated them then in the future? c'mon... i wanted moar Bluebell... OAO! anyways, if Amano Akira-san's not going to show them... at least compensate with moar Yamamoto~~~ and and!~~~ when exactly does Amano Akira-san want to reveal the truth of Kawahira-san??? OAO! now that i think about it, the guy at the rmen shop is not exactly Kawahira-san... i mean, he did said something like, the old man have kicked the bucket... but wikia Reborn said otherwise... OAO! i'm confused... and i don't have the time to check it up... OAO oh well..

oh! talking about confusion... the previous review post, i actually didn't recognise one guy there... OAO!

and it turns out to be Ganauche III... OAO! i actually re-read the Shimon arc... not all of it... god, it's pretty long... only the front few chappies~ i finally found him in chappies 288 and 289~ then i stopped reading~ XD~ then i read the comments~ it's confirmed then~ thanks guys!~~ love you guys~ X3 Ganauche III ripped from 288 and 289~ lols, i sound so violent~

hey!~ but then... that Ganauche III had 2 hair colours... how come it's slightly different in the coloured page? OAO! and what the heck is he doing there alone?! out of all the other Nono's Guardians?? but, ya hafta admit, he's the hottest guardian XD omg, why am i constantly using 'hot' nowadays??? o.o\

anyhow~ i'ma sharing some awesome pics i found when searching for Ganauche~ XD~ let's just say that it's to celebrate the fact that i now recognise all Nono's guardians who i didn't bother to remember before this XP


i am going to discipline myself from noaw on! it's just Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Beelzebub and Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai's weekly releases, and the review for KHR in my blog and my email inbox... I won't touch FB! i won't blog at alternate journal which i changed the address because my friends started praising lots and lots 'bout a few of my posts, which in some instances were not directed to those b******. i'm a coward, i change blog address... just in case they perasan much and think i'm typing everything about them, please... i have a life =.=' the world doesn't revolve around you and you only, wake up! before it's too late!!!

anyways, i forgot to post the link here... but it's in my profile~ you can find it easily at my Blogger profile~ but then, i suggest you don't read it, it's a total waste of time... it's actually just my online diary~ yah~ and then hoh, i saw alot of source from the stats, the readers came from FB... OAO! i didn't post my blog link there since i changed the address... omg, some people must have thought they were super smart! they deserve to be called Einstein for finding it... i suppose the post in FB goes something like this: "oh my god! i'm sucha genius! haahaha! she's such an idiot, hahaha [link]"..... pft... i couldn't be bothered.. i dowan go FB... i might end up stalking the OC Fanatics / Utau Studios page or browse some random KHR page or play Diner Dash or end up having a forum on KHR at FB XD!!!! ohoh! and also, chatting with Miko Mui Mui!~ and stalking San, Hui and Min XP... die die, cannot!!!! i mush shtudy!!!!! i must! STU-DIE!!!!!

My trial is less than a week away... 10 subjects... i'm barely quarterway (half of halfway XD right?) *AKB48 music plays... WTF?! how can they be popular... it sucks... press skip button* why, o why did i actually download that stupid single by AKB48, it's seriously a waste of my lappie's memory space... anyways, weekly update here, weekly releases or KamiNomi, KHR and Beel... regular checks at j-reborn.com and ponycanyon... and also Gendou Idol page, so that i can continue to cast in my votes for ehmz, cause he's hot *Q* XD dayum, i use hot again ~_~ and email~ yap~ tada sore dake~~ no FB, no YT, no TwitTwit, no FF, no DA, no AP, no Mangafox, no MangaReader, no H!P stalking, no random song single/album downloads... OMG! no wonder i can spend whole day in front of the lappie... =.=' and and, i think i exceeded the quota... but then, i'm worried this time... cause the internet did not slow down... since i have just subscribed to a new plan, i'm worried that they might charge more for the usage after exceeding the limit OAO

oh oh! and i hate the type of people... who just take other people's belongings and use it as if it was his... you stupid lady, the highlighter ish mine! put it back into my pencil box, goddammit! for the first time, i sat near your place in class... and you just swipe MAI highlighter and started drawing on other people's hand... okay.... not just my highlighter, my pens, pencils... WHEN I WAS DOING MAI WORK!!!! i swear man, i will never sit at that place ever again! i don't want to sit near a distracting lady like you. i don't want to sit near a lady who will just take things as if they are hers and start using it... =.=' i won't get so irritated if i wasn't doing any work that time, frankly. i'm more irritated cause she's disturbing me doing my work, actually... or was it because of the slight headache at the moment... hmmm... anyways... i just hated it...=.='

a! and i found lotsa lotsa Nico Nico Douga singers! i found their list of covers done for Vocaloid Songs! HOMG! they seriously own the Vocaloids!!!! X3...



okay, i should add stalking NND singers in my not-to-do list... but still, i wanna brag, i found Usa, Hanatan, Pokota, Valshe, Tourai, (UsaColony FTW!), Yamai, Wotamin, Choucho, Re:A, Utawa Sakura and Akiakane... but of course, that's not many... but i'm determined to stalk moar of them! but after my SPM~ jaja~ that's all for the review + ramblings~ till next week~ ciao ciao!~

Ps - still no update on Rebocon's casts :( i still want moar!!! *greedy*

oh oh! for some reason, instead of reading the History text book, yesterday, i ended up reading light novels. Of course i'm reading the best romance currently, in my opinion, Toradora!~ homg~ i found out a while ago that there are actually translations available online for light novels... Currently, i only know of one projext: Baka-Tsuki~ they do lotsa lotsa other light novels translations too, including Baka to Test, and even Shana o.o homg! i can't wait till after SPM! consideringg my reading speed... i actually spent half an hour or more reading only less than one chapter of Toradora! XD

of course, i chose the final volume to read~ it's slightly different from the anime, but homg, it's so sweet, i might get toothache!! check the translated light novels out! especially those who have watched/read Toradora! before~ i thought the manga conveyed Ryuuji's thought more clearly than the anime (of course, for Toradora!, the anime is waaaaa~y better than the manga, which is pretty rare for a manga lover like me) but then, the light novel was... *puffs and turns into clouds of candy floss* it's super sweet~~ x3! there's moar sweet and love in it~ also the part where Taiga was worried to put on a swimsuit because she was flat-chested... homg! it's so damn sweet~~~ Ryuuji fell for Taiga without knowing when and how X3 too sweet~ too sweet~ i'm getting toothaches! X3 ALL HAIL BAKA-TSUKI!~ omg, i should be studying, seriously... =.='

and for some reason, my review is getting longer and longer o.o

[edit] ... i just realised... ehmz is a girl!!! OAO! my bad!!! ~_~ she sound too hot, i only her Mugen Loop O_O! ~_~ i... feel... horrible... ~_~ so damn sorry ~_~ but then, at first, i thought Valshe was a guy too =X


Usagichan96 said...

Your review was great! I was surprised when verde went to mukuro >.>

-ying- said...

>w<~ thank you!~~~

i know right!!! @_@

-ying- said...

same goes to Skull! @_@