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Monday, September 5, 2011

Rebocon News + Morning Musume + Randomness

okay okay, today i went to the ponycanyon website and saw this weird button

i never seen this before, so i clicked it... then i faint... i see too many Kanji... =.=
anyways, i used Google Translator... and it came out all weird... but it seems like it allows public to vote for their favourite unit song (?) to choose the best song, suited for the Ultimate Katekyo Hitman Reborn Carnival~

Voters can vote for three songs:
Ranking goes like this (according to Google Translator and i tweak on the translation abit XP help me correct it~~~ cause i simply translate X_X)
1. Song that makes you numb
2. There is a bond in the song
3. A surprising song

=.=' pretty weird... save me, someone, save me OAO!

to vote, you need to fill in your nickname, mail address, age, address (state) [which the dropdown list only give the states in Japan =(], the song of your choice for each 3 categories including your comment and that's all~

the 30 songs available to vote:
1. Oretachi no JOY! [Gokudera & Yamamoto]
2. Oretachi no JOY! [Reborn & Tsuna]
3. Oretachi no Yakusoku [Gokudera & Yamamoto]
4. Oretachi no Yakusoku [Hibari & Dino]
5. Kyokugen Fighter [Ryohei & Kyoko]
6. Gyouza Gyuudon Set no Uta [Byakuran & Spanner]
7. Kufufu no fu ~Boku to Keiyaku~ [Mukuro & Dino]
8. Kufufu no fu ~Boku to Keiyaku~ [Mukuro & Chrome]
9. Koukou no Pride [Yamamoto & Squalo]
10. Cosplay Party [Reborn & Yamamoto]
11. Sakura Addiction [Hibari & Mukuro]
12. Sakura Addiction [Gokudera & Yamamoto & Basil]
13. Sakura Rock [Kyoko & Haru]
14. Jump!! [Tsuna & Mukuro]
15. Smile for… [Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
16. Tatta Latta [Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin & Chrome]
17. Tatta Latta [XANXUS & Squalo & Belphegor & Fran]
18. Tanoshiku Nacchau Uta [Belphegor & Fran]
19. TSUNA LIFE [Gokudera & Tsuna]
20. Drawing days [Byakuran & Irie]
21. No Control [Gokudera & Basil]
22. Burning prayer [Belphegor & Mammon]
23. friend [Reborn & Ryohei]
24. friend [Kyoko & Haru]
25. Famiria [Reborn & Tsuna & Ryohei]
26. Hokori Takaki Fundo [Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria]
27. Ramen Nobicchau Uta [Kyoko & Haru]
28. Lambo-San no Yabou [Lambo & Squalo]
29. Chikonka no Ame [Yamamoto & Squalo]
30. Chikonka no Ame [Yamamoto & Basil]

OAO! some version of the songs i've not listen before... are they sung in Rebocons other than Rebocon I and II???!!! i feel depressed!!!! TAT!


anyways, on with the second part of my post~ did i ever mentioned that i fell in love with the Hello! Project groups: °C-ute and Morning Musume? i dunno, i can't remember XD but i seriously love those two~ i hate Berryz Koubou and i used to hate S/mileage... ugh! Berryz's song is seriously not my type! and s/mileage... ugh! their cutesy song is too extreme!!!! so extreme that it's pretty disgusting to me... ~_~ but °C-ute is only occasionally having cutesy songs~ which kinda suits my appetite (cause i munch on 'em XD) whereas Morning Musume, i've only recently fell for them, thanks to their 9th generation members~ XD so i'm kinda... new to MoMusu XD anyways~ Morning Musume released the PV or MV for their new single: Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun dayo! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai

a frigging long title which i can't even remember... it's the last single featuring Takahashi Ai~

I didn't really like her, although i really like her vocals and her dance is awesome... and she looks pretty and cool~ but i just don't really like her... anyways, watch the long MV for the single, featuring the two songs in the single~ check out their page in Youtube! : Morning Musume's channel

Morning Musume 47th single will be released on September 14th, 2011
[hey! °C-ute's single will be out on 7th! a week earlier~~~ i'm waiting~~~~]

i didn't even thought of blogging about °C-ute or MoMusu here before... but then, the new MoMusu's MV was so shocking that i felt like sharing XD

In the MV, the first song was Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun dayo!, translates as "I'm really hoping for peace on Earth!" in the MV, every single soul is prettified!~ XD okay, i'll go member by member~ in no particular order~

Takahashi Ai:
hmm, not much to comment... Her singing is like usual, pretty powerful, i'd say 2nd most powerful vocals! but then i got something to comment, her jump at 4:27 was so damn awkward... anyhow, she's awesome, but i still don't like her... no idea why... but i don't hate her either... ._.

Niigaki Risa:
MY FAVOURITE VOCALS IN MOMUSU!!!! Her singing ish super awesome! it's super powerful! but she gets a lot less lines than Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina~ She looks super pretty here too!~~~ this make-up suits her! (but i think she looks prettier in Only You MV, and looks super ugly in Maji Desuka Ska! MV =X) an her dance looks effortless X3

Tanaka Reina:
I love Reina! she's got a good voice~ very distinctive~ but not as powerful as Niigaki Risa~ and and! she's pretty and cute!~ When i first watched a Morning Musume MV, i think it was Shouganai Yume Oibito, the ones that caught my attention was Reina and Sayumi XD~ this is what you call, love at first sight~ X3 she dance effortlessly~ but then, she looks no different from herself in all the other MV

Mitsui Aika:
You don't know how shocked i was when i saw her in this MV... she looks stunning... cause she looks so damn super extremely ugly in the other MVs i've watched frankly, her face is pretty unique and this make-up totally suits her~~ X3 Her dance is just so-so to me~ and i don't really like her singing ~_~

Michishige Sayumi:
SHE ISH MY IDOL!!! i love her! i seriously love her~ she's cute! she's pretty!, no SUPER PRETTY! and i LOVE HER VOICE!!!! when i first heard her in Shouganai Yume Oibito i officially fell for her!X3 her dance is pretty good too~~ o o! and SHE LOOKS EXTREMELY STUNNING IN THIS MV!!!! i mean, she's no longer cute! she looks matured (and reminds me or Airi because of that hairstyle) but, homg! she's awesome! she almost killed me with her looks!~ please, give her moar lines after this! she keep getting those "ah~" "uh" lines =.=' *sigh*

okay, next are the 9th generation members~

Ikuta Erina:
frankly, i can't tell the difference between Ikuta Erina and Fukumura Mizuki... they even wore the same coloured shirt in Maji Desuka Ska! =.=' at least in Only You MV, they had different hairstyles and i can tell... now, they change hairstyle again, and hence, i'm confused again... i only know till i searched for their image in this MV nd found it here (images i got from there too~ XD) in the Only You MV, i thought her dance was the 2nd worse... =X although she is really really pretty~ she looks nicest in this MV, compared to Only You and Maji Desuka Ska! i dunno why, but she just do~ and i officially fell for her~ her vocals is pretty good~ but her dance... perhaps with a lil more experience, she'll improve? XB

Fukumura Mizuki:
i cannot tell the difference X_X seriously... anyways, she's the 2nd most powerful dancer in MoMusu, even more powerful than the others~ i came down to that when i watched the 2 dance version of Only You~ She's pretty in the MV too~ much prettier than in Only You~ and and~ i forgot what i wanted to type... nevermind... carry on~

Suzuki Kanon:
my least favourite member... =.=' i don't like her at all! i am always distracted by her mole and to me, she's the no 1 worst dancer... after watching the Only You dance version... i'd like to describe her dance as army-like... it's like... OAO army... seriously... her voice is powerful and unique, that's definite... but her dance... and she's not the cutest there too ~_~

Sayashi Riho:
I really liked her since their debut with Maji Desuka Ska! she's really cute~ she's got a powerful voice, but she still need to work on it a bit more to be on the same level as Takahashi Ai, Reina Tanaka and Niigaki Risa~ but my likings for her seems to drop single after single (XD) i don't know why... but my love points for others kept increasing, but not hers... -.-' and she look no different from all the other MV... but her dance is definitely superb! i'd say it's the most powerful one! she really puts energy into it!

this song all in all, is very MoMusu... no other ways to put it~ things always get nicer in the chorus~ i love the chorus~ seriously~~~ and the bridge which is sung by Niigaki Risa! d(^O^)~

the second song is Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai which translates as I want to go shopping with him!

i was super shocked when i heard it! cause its.... its.... Michishige Sayumi's lead vocals in this particular song! after waiting for so damn long! finally i get to listen to moar Sayumi~~~ this song is super cute!~

okay... i too lazy to blog suddenly... i think i need go study~ perhaps i can keep blogging moar on ℃-ute and Morning Musume next time, though i don't think anyone's reading this, but it's to satisfy my urge to share~ XD

oo! 8:35-8:36 ish epic! Suzuki Kanon's stupid face! epic! she really goes all the way to make that stupid face! XD!!! no matter how many times i rewatch, i will still laugh at that expression!~~~

and i cannot tell who is Fukumura Mizuki and who is Ikuta Erina again!!! OAO!


anyways, points to the sidebar of my blog... i've got polls on my blogs... usually KHR-related... XD they are super random questions that suddenly pops to mind and i'll leave it open for around 2 months or more XD! i was super happy to see the previous poll getting 400++ votes~ thanks for that~ m(_ _)m thanks for votin on the polls~ it really makes me happy~~~~ XB till then~~


Usagichan96 said...

I song with Lambo and Squalo? O.o

-ying- said...

OAO! i think i think@ that was during the second Rebocon when they made Squalo wear that Lambo cosplay XD but he didn't sing right?? OAO